Wednesday Nostalgia

You know that when a song starts out with the lyric, Well I had just got out from the county prison, doin’ 90 days for non-support — it’s blues. Fo sho. But it’s blues with a sly grin, done best by the immortal Jim Croce.

I’ll never forget the afternoon I came home from school on one sunny, warm 1974 spring day, and found that I’d left my Croce album lying on a shelf near the window sill, out of its cover. The sun had warped it beyond repair. I was devastated, haha.

Anyway, here’s an awesome memory for some of us, remastered from his BBC appearance with his sidekick and fabulous guitarist, Maury Muehleisen. So tragic they were both killed in that plane crash. Ugh, life can be horribly cruel.

Halfway to the end of the week — that’s some good news for your Wednesday. It’s May Day!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Nostalgia

      1. PKPudlin

        Tune in to WCPE Public radio May 13 at 7:00 Eastern. There’s a 30-minute show called Renaissance Fare. The host is going to play some pieces from our last concert (Voce Camerata and Consort). :)

        1. Rat Fink Post author

          I will do it! I put it in the ol’ Samsung to pop up and remind me. I’d love to hear your group!


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