Weird Monday

The Thriller is in Columbus all day, and I’m here at home. Bizarre.

I am rarely alone (good for me, since I’m what you’d call a textbook extrovert), so when I have complete solitude, I sometimes wonder what to do with myself. There’s a list a mile long — though I haven’t written it down, of course :-) — of tasks I need to get taken care of before we leave town at the end of the month, but here I sit, free and easy. Go crazy all year, running inside the small hamster wheel, then kablam — summer freedom. I feel like I’ve been shot out of a cannon, and I’m in endless, aimless flight.

I guess I’m so accustomed to having my days pre-populated, it’s difficult for me to deal with unstructured time. Do you ever feel that way? In some ways, I always fear summer vacation from school. Whereas most people (myself included) really look forward to it, it does hold some uncertainty, which bothers me ever so slightly. What to do with an “open” day?

Part of my squirminess comes from living in a self-imposed atmosphere of “idle hands are the devil’s playground.” In other words, nothing good can come of laziness; it doesn’t look good, for one thing, and idle time equals wasted time. Others have told me that my inability to relax and do nothing once in awhile (a pastime which, in many cultures, is viewed as healthy and rejuvenating) is fueled by fear of failure. Failure to produce, failure to succeed professionally. It’s a hamster wheel for sure.

What do you do with an open day? When you are presented with a vacation, how do you approach it? Are you able to just “switch off” the rat race and immediately relax, or do you have to work yourself into it? I’m still working, I fear…

So I guess I’ll go watch my DVR episode of The Borgias, then get to work. Work? On my vacation? Yeah, ‘fraid so. Can’t see myself doing much else today. Hmmph.

Restless Fink

11 thoughts on “Weird Monday

  1. PKPudlin

    Rosie always has plenty for me to do. And then there’s the 20-some-odd games of Words With Friends to catch up on.

    I always have a long list of creative projects in the wings so ‘off’ days are not just filled with chores, but with something that will ‘fill’ me as well. Learned from my nursing days that no one is an endless fount of ‘giving’. Even the largest pitcher needs refilling at some point or another. Caretakers like us must take care of ourselves, lest we lose our ability to take care of others.

    My summer project for this summer and the next 5 or 6 is to learn a language. I’m starting with Italian!


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Bellissima! That’s always been a dream of mine (to master French). Of course, the only way to do it is by the way we learned English: endless reps. And you have to be disciplined to do that…oy. Someday, though. SOMEDAY.

      I like the pitcher analogy. I’ve heard it with “bank account” substituted. We can’t be overdrawn (or all poured out) and expect to give more to others. Good points, and they inspire me to get going on the List!! :-)

  2. Meg

    Ahhh, this describes most of my days since being home. Unlike yourself, however, I am very much introverted so I fully embrace these kinds of days. Because my work schedule has been very sporadic I’m getting more and more of these free days. With my time I do things for *me* that I wasn’t able to do as frequently at school. It’s great. I could get really used to it. I’ve been able to sleep in most days, workout at the gym, read something other than a textbook, bake/cook, play the piano, and visit folks I haven’t been able to see for awhile. I can’t bring myself to watch TV during the day but Mom, Dad and I get good use out of Netflix in the evenings.
    Mom and I were talking yesterday about getting new hobbies for the summer. I would like to learn how to sew. I know very little and would love to learn how to make a quilt. Thankfully, Mom is a pro.
    Had I known you were lookin for something to do today I would have come to Ashland! Text me when you have another “open” day and we’ll visit. Enjoy today!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Well at least you are actually doing stuff — what I wouldn’t give to have the ambition to go to the gym. HA

      I don’t like watching TV during the day, either. We do it every once in awhile, when the Thriller and I are both available to watch a movie we rented, or if the White Sox are playing the Indians, but that’s about it. Yesterday was an exception, though!

      Let’s do get together before I take off for the east coast!

  3. Mavis

    You’ve been that way since you were little. You could sit in front of the television for about an hour, then you had to be up doing something else. You were always involved in different things in school, too. I can’t remember a time that you weren’t busy doing something! :-) That’s always been a good thing for you, though. Kept your mind sharp as a tack all these years. It’s hard for you to take a day and just relax, because it’s not something that comes naturally to you. Be thankful for it, sweetie. Some folks would give anything to still be that active. I say fill your days with everything you possibly can! Slow down and relax only when you really feel like it.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Great advice as always, Mave. I am indeed grateful that this old bod can still make it around the block with the dog, or up and down the length of my back yard (about 800 times, while the Js chased me with playground bouncy balls last night). I know the time will come when it all goes away, so I will take advantage of my antsy-pants ways while I can, but still try to enjoy those nothing-to-do days! I loved it yesterday — reading, watching Netflix, doing some score study, then having the grandsons over for a couple of hours. Great stuff. XO!

  4. Tom Hanks

    I think I am sort of the opposite of you in this respect…besides when I work a regular job I rarely ever have anything specific planned for the next day. This leads to a lot of laziness and chaos but having a looming event on the horizon causes me a lot of anxiety. I do have general things I wish to do…if its something specific its probably only one thing. Obviously this leaves me pretty unproductive…I would do well to balance it out with a little of your way of doing things.

    Maybe you should take advantage of the freedom of your summer and balance yourself out as well. I have all kinds of laziness and procrastination tips I could send your way.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You know, if I was working midnights like you, I’d find it hard to do anything the next day.

      We need to find us some lazy time to sit around and make some music, pal!

      1. Tom Hanks

        Yes we do! Well I’m free weekends and weekdays from about 3 to 9…so get at me! (i know you’ll want to plan ahead)


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