Well, rats.

I had an awesome post planned for this morning, but when I went to access the site for the photos and story that would have been certain to knock you out, I found that the site is down. After repeated tries over an hour-long wait, I must bag it till another day. Rats.

Instead, I shall ramble at random.

  1. Speaking of rats…I like them when they’re cartoony and cute and cuddly; you know, like me, up there to your left, with the John Lennons, turtleneck, pencil and music notes. (Again, bigtime thanks to talented Andy Nortnik, who drew her so nicely. I get a lot of my retro art and fonts from him, and you should, too.) But the kind that run across my classroom floor when I’m sitting at my desk? Notsamuch. Well, good news: they caught the little varmint, but just in case he went out and had a quick family, oversized traps (eww) still grace the nether regions of the choir room.
  2. Today is Mother’s Day. I always miss my mom on this day, more so than usual. I hope all the moms reading this are having a relaxing Sunday, where everyone in your family waits on you and makes you feel like the royalty you are.
  3. Know what I hate? All those clickbait video links on Facebook that say things like, “He knew his dad was coming home, but you won’t believe what actually happened” — or, “The last 30 seconds made me laugh so hard, I fell off my chair.”  They’re getting out of hand, people. “I thought nothing could change my life. Then I saw this.”  Seriously? Boot to the head.
  4. I am older than handsome John Slattery. (And I must admit, I’m becoming partial to that silver hair look — more on that later.)
  5. There are 16 days of school left. The busiest 16 of the year, but 16 nonetheless. I will get through it.

What do you feel you need to ramble about today? The weather? Your mom? Your house? I think I’ll ramble on into the kitchen and make another espresso. That’s the kind of party animal I am.


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