Odyssey Update

Plans continue to bounce around for the upcoming mini-Odyssey.

Originally, we weren’t going to decide on what show to see until we got there. We were bummed that we can’t see All the Way (as far as I can see, the run ends in June), and thinking that I’d really like to see a musical that was nominated for a 2014 Tony for Best Musical, I suggested this one, and the Thriller went for it immediately:

We grabbed one of the last available boxes at the historic New Amsterdam. How cool is that? It’s not orchestra seating, but we’ll be able to stretch out a bit, and I’ve read reviews that they’re actually great seats, which is good, because they were among the cheapest offered. Score.

Of course, we had to do the total Broadway tourist thing and book dinner at Sardi’s before the show.

But for now: reality. Five performances have to happen before I can relax for a while. Let’s get on it.

Have a great day, everyone. I can see the weekend from here.

2 thoughts on “Odyssey Update

  1. David

    You are sooooo making me want to go! I will enjoy vicariously from afar, ecstatic for you and Thriller!


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