Well that was interesting.

What Was Supposed to Happen Yesterday

  • Leisurely morning of fun errands
  • Leisurely afternoon of boat riding on a gorgeous day
  • The Js for a sleepover

What Happened Instead

  • Another plumbing disaster (tree roots in our main water line)
  • No boat ride
  • No Js

Now, you just might call that a fail, but as it turned out, all is well. While the boat ride has been postponed until post-Odyssey, the Js are coming tonight for a sleepover, and the plumbing problem has been fixed (again). In the meantime, I am spending the day doing pre-flight prep work, and embarking on a redesign of the Thriller’s website. As much as I heart him, he is already driving me bat crazy. And of course, he derives unlimited delight from doing so. :P

Those of you not in the Ohio area (or the US) might have missed Cleveland meteorologist Mark Johnson’s mini-rant on the news the other night. He was crackin’ up — he even made the national news (although Diane Sawyer called him “Mark Jackson”).

Sports…funny thing, that.

PS – Many thanks to Mavis for her water facilities and for the great visit!

4 thoughts on “Well that was interesting.

  1. Mavis

    YAY!!! I’m just thrilled that all is back on schedule, luv. You are very welcome for the facilities and the fabulous vizzy! I’m just happy it all worked out.

    HA! I did see that “rant” from Mark Johnson, our crazy weatherman! I loved it!

    Enjoy this day, sweetie. You’ve earned it! Love you!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey luvy! I’m happy it worked out, too — you have no idea. (Well, I think perhaps you do!)

      Had a busy but great day. The boys are in bed (wow, they were worn to a nub by 8:30), so it’s back to work on the Thriller’s site for awhile. Been a fab day! XO

  2. BoomR

    How do tree roots get into your water system? I just don’t get that one! Oh, well…just glad that it’s all fixed & that y’all have waa-waa back in the house. I mean, really – how can you make DD without water?? :-)


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      IKR!? From what I understand, a hole or break can develop in a pipe over time, and nearby tree roots, looking for nutrients, tap into that hole. The plumber said once the roots “find” that opening, it’s a free-for-all. It’s nuts!


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