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    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yeesh! What a day so far! For Mavis (and everyone else): I was up extra early today to deal with a code/theme problem for the Thriller’s new site design. I did something last night, and to my horror, it broke everything — including the 230 products and descriptions that we both had already entered in the new shopping cart software.


      I was rather freaked, as you might imagine. So from 5:30 till around 8:30, when I published this post, I was dancing on the head of a pin — flipping out, dreading the minute when the Thriller came downstairs to resume his work on the new site…and nothing was there. Blah!

      Fortunately, I was somehow able to restore everything to its previous state, and back everything up. I can’t even tell you how I did it, but it didn’t happen until long after some *pointed* emails to the author of the theme, to whom I paid $60 for the privilege of mucking up every last piece of code on the site.

      So yeah…I did not get to post my TV review this morning. But it’s on the way tomorrow! Gabe is coming any minute to install my fun new equipment in my classroom, so I’m excited about that. (Thanks for the heads-up on the connector I’ll need, BoomR!)

      Thanks for checking in, sis! XO How are you this fine day?

      1. Mavis

        I’m fine and dandy, sweetness! I actually got some decent sleep after going 4 days without it!!

        Oh my. What a morning you’ve had, eh?! Well, hopefully the installation of your new toys will make up for it! Have fun with it, LindaBird. You deserve it all, honey! Love you!

  1. Suzanne

    Oooee I can just imagine your panic! Glad you were at least able to restore everything. Hope you had fun at school with your new gadgets!!

    Me, it just another boring Monday. Cleaning, groceries, laundry. Nothing at all manic about it. :)


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