Well this is just great.

And tonight, of course, 14 of my students are scheduled to perform the national anthem at the Cavaliers game. The Thriller and I have to leave town tonight around 4 p.m. to meet everyone at the Q to check in and warm up before we go on at 7.

We should be OK, though. As much as I love the Mighty Ford Ranger, it is murder in the snow — pretty much like you’re driving a feather. So, thanks to #1 Son, we’re trading cars and driving his beast with 4-wheel drive and a lot more weight to it. Should get us through just fine.

Unless, of course, there’s ice. But hey, life’s an adventure, right?

I have threatened my singers within an inch of their lives: Do NOT arrive late to school on Wednesday. They will likely get home after midnight tonight from the game, and they have explicit instructions to suck it up and get to school on time tomorrow. But…with 4-6 inches of snow on the way, it might not matter. (I can hear the wanton rejoicing from here.)


4 thoughts on “Well this is just great.

  1. #1son

    YIKES!!! I remember when it was that nice of a truck! Be careful tonite and remember my rule, if you wreck it, TOTAL IT!

    1. Rat Fink Post author


      I remember the rules, sweety — if I feel it start to slide, I’ll grab the wheel from the Thriller and give ‘er a spin…gotta flip it a couple of times to do anything to that monster!

  2. kodye

    Who’s singing at the game, the B&G? Anyway, should be a good game. Cavs are playing for a 21-0 home record, so LeBron should go crazy. I’m saying triple double, and scoring at least 40. At least. Rumor is, if the Cavs score 100 everyone gets FREE CHALUPAS FROM TACO BELL! Nothing’s better than free dog-meat.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Free chalupas? I say we start a rumor that LeBron is giving out free Chevys if he gets a triple double.

      Yep, Black and Gold are doing the anthem. They are stoked indeed. I’m just glad I now have a vehicle to drive to the game that stands a slimmer chance of ending up in the ditch…


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