What do you call 6,000 cheaters…

…at the bottom of the ocean?

Business majors whose careers were ruined before they ever started, because they cheated on the MBA test.

Seems the numbers are getting bigger every couple of days. Business Week posted on its website that the mega-cheating scandal, whereby business school undergrads got advance questions for the MBA qualifying exam through a shady online service, has grown exponentially in the last 5 days. The original number of cheating test-takers was estimated at 1,000. Now it’s 6,000 and climbing.

Although many claim to have been unaware that they were shelling out $30 for what amounted to stolen goods, they still may have to pay the piper. The Graduate Management Admission Council took swift action when it got wind of people posting things on the site like, “Hey, thanks! I saw this exact question on the test I just took!” and similar, uber-intelligent, self-incriminating tidbits of wisdom.

The GMAC filed an injunction and seized the domain name (and, unfortunately for some, all the credit card transactions that will lead them straight to the participants). The site’s owner — who was living in Aurora, Ohio, of all places — hightailed it to China to live life on the lam. As you do.

Now, when you go to Scoretop.com, you see this. Yikes.

If you’ve a mind to, you can read the whole sordid tale.

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Hey, since today’s Independence Day and all….

Some Cool Various & Sundry

  • Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on the 4th of July — in the same year. Creepola.
  • We all know the Declaration of Independence was signed by the Second Continental Congress. But what happened to the First Continental Congress? There definitely was one, and they argued on a resolution stating that the Colonies should strive to peacefully work out their differences and come to some kind of agreement with Britain. You know, the Rodney King resolution. It ended up being defeated, but by only one vote.
  • Talk about the heroic ideal. The 56 men who voted for independence (and did so unanimously, which in itself is incredible, given the gravity of their crimes against the Crown) knew one thing well: that if they lost the war with England, they’d all hang as traitors, no questions asked. It was a tremendous gamble.
  • According to the US National Archives, the delegates who signed the document placed their signatures on the paper according to the geographic location of their state (see this copy). Groovy.

So, light a sparkler tonight, in honor of the Second Continental Congress. And rent the movie musical, 1776. It’s awesome, and one of my all-time favorites. I can’t believe I forgot to include it in my Top Ten Musicals list. Feh. I’m a ninny.

Enjoy the fireworks!

Fink out. *kABoOM*

3 thoughts on “What do you call 6,000 cheaters…

  1. K.M.Conger

    An interesting fact: I read somewhere that John Adams’ last words were “Thomas Jefferson survives,” unaware that Jefferson had actually died just a few hours earlier.

  2. Bando

    Hey – no need to rent 1776. 11:00 tonight on Turner Classic Movies…perfect post-fireworks entertainment.


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