What fresh hades…?

RtB fiend Will posted a link on my Facebook wall last night: the trailer for the new Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie, Dark Shadows. Um…it’s a comedy, people. WHAT?? Talk about a wholesale paradigm shift. Here are my initial reactions:

First — awesome trailer. All serious and dark, then…Curtis Mayfield’s “Super Fly.” HAaAAaAaaaa

Second — it kind of comes off as somewhat Twilight-ish. I don’t know how I feel about that yet.

Third — There’s that familiar Depp puzzled-and-grossed-out look again. Five times, at least, in the trailer. I swear he applies it to every comedic role. Does it work for you?

Fourth — Admit it. At several points, he’s channeling Edward Scissorhands. Maybe it’s the same makeup people.

Fifth — Perhaps the initial premise of Dark Shadows was something Burton felt he couldn’t take seriously, given the tidal wave of negative backlash to the Twilight films (honestly, get over it, right? It’s a movie series, fuh cripesake. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.). It’s definitely a smart-aleck parody.

Sixth — This is another movie in which Depp is not pretty. No likey.

At first, I was truthfully a bit peeved. The thought immediately popped into my head, “He’s trashed the premise; ruined it.” Where was the creepy music, the alternating sadness and madness in Barnabas’s demeanor, the mists and secrecy and quiet, tortured dignity? The dysfunction of the Collins family appears in garish, cartoony overdo. What am I to make of this? Then, as I watched it again, I figured this might be a case of just taking something for what it is: a director’s wacky, quirky individual interpretation of a “classic” tale. He’s done it before. It’s who he is.

Regardless, I’m so seeing it.

Cripes, is it Finkday yet? Why yes, I believe it is. :-)

5 thoughts on “What fresh hades…?

  1. Mavis

    Like you, I thought- they have just ruined a classic!! Then I watched the trailer….HAAA! It looks hilarious! I wish Johnny was a bit prettier in this, though. I also noticed that Burton has his lovely wife playing a role, too. I’m interested to hear what audiences say after seeing it. And, I’m anxious to see what the Fink rates in on the Rat-O-Meter! :0)

  2. Tom Hanks

    Studio: “Hey Tim”
    Tim: “Whatsup”
    Studio: “Well we were hoping maybe you could make us another movie..”
    Tim: “Ok like..”
    Studio: “We don’t care, just make it “Tim Burton-y”
    Tim: “I’d love to. As a successful middle-aged filmmaker I have no problem with churning out mass appeal assembly line versions of what were once my own passionate and unique visions. I’m older now…this is more of a hobby. I don’t know what self parody means. I have purple glasses.”
    Studio: “Great Tim thats perfect.”
    Tim: “Let me call Johnny.”

    Tim: “Hey we’re making another…”
    Johnny: “…the usual?”
    Tim: “Yeah just bring the white makeup and your “puzzled-grossed-out face”
    Johnny: “I’m not sure I want to…”
    Tim: “They’re paying us each 20 million dollars before gross”
    Johnny: “Ok see you tomorrow.”

    Haha…sorry thats a bit cynical. I think Sweeney Todd was his last good movie.

      1. Tom Hanks

        Ha..thanks Jax.

        And I don’t mean to say it won’t be worth watching…the trailer makes it look like an fairly good time at the theater…I just wish the Tim Burton that made “Ed Wood” wasn’t as dead as he seems to be.


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