When all the wheels fall off

It’s happened to us all, I’m sure, at one point or another. Several personal instances come to mind:

  • Two weeks before a show, one of my leads comes down with a serious illness.
  • Blizzard-like weather cancels important rehearsals.
  • Both of our cars die in the same week.
  • Last night’s NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals game.

And did I mention last night’s NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals game? Shoulda seen it coming, when LeBron had like 11 points in the entire first half. Was it his elbow injury? Was the MVP pregame ceremony a jinx? Regardless, the nagging, sinking feeling returned:

The Cavs can’t win without him. Or at least they can’t win it all.

When’s the last Cleveland win with LeBron on the bench? March 2010, when they beat San Antonio. But their record this season without James: 1-9. The numbers tell the tale, as they will at the game Friday night in Boston, some of which I hope to see on TV in my Missouri hotel room.

I know that one day, Cleveland sports might bring home a championship. I’m just not sure it’ll be this year.


Photo credit: Gregory Shamus/NBAE/Getty Images

3 thoughts on “When all the wheels fall off

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Actually I WILL be on 66! Staying in Rolla. I’ll have to take pictures of all the cool places along the way that I’d like to hit on the way down in July. We’ll be spending two days in MO, so it should be fun!

  1. Stein

    LeBron with a bunch of has-been’s and an even greater group of never-will-be’s. Personally I never expected them to be as good as they were during the regular season. I thought they looked kind of ugly during the Bulls series, considering the Bulls are a team flailing. Their coach was fired today.


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