Whirlwind weekend

Yeah, I’m about to have quite a few of those. Much is on my reptilian brain this morning.

I saw this photo on a friend’s Facebook wall today. I am redoubling my efforts to be a barracuda against bullying this year at school. Gay, straight, malcontent, square peg…doesn’t matter who you are. No one deserves to be bullied. (Well, maybe St****rs fans.) So a warning to all and sundry who want to be mean people at school: I’m comin’ for ya.

Speaking of beating up on folks, the Browns did that in fine style last night. ‘Bout time someone from Cleveland can beat a Detroit team. But can Cleveland catch a break? No. If it’s not a lack of offense or pass rush, it’s injuries. I swear.

So why all the whirlwind weekends? The Thriller and I have done really well with treating ourselves better. Since April, he’s lost 36 lbs., and I’ve lost 29 now. We stopped pumping ourselves full of sugar and animal fat, and cut way down on our wheat consumption. It’s taken only four months to lose this weight, which is a surprisingly short time. I don’t usually post about weight issues, because I never wanted to get caught gaining it all back and having to explain yet another failure on that front. But it’s good now. I feel confident that it’s gone to stay. Yippy!

Anyway, my point, and I do have one, is that we are going to use every Sunday as a cooking marathon. Once rehearsals for the musical start up next week, it’s full sails and into the wind for me, but I refuse to let my nutrition take a back seat to my schedule. So, we cook and prepare and plan. (It’s the “plan” part that usually gets me.)

Anyone who has any great ideas on cooking ahead, post away. I have several, but always looking for more!

Happy Finkday — I’m off to pay bills, then to the crazy weekend(s) ahead.

6 thoughts on “Whirlwind weekend

  1. Lori

    Ball makes canning “jars” for the freezer. They hold about two cups (the green-lid size) and are terrific for meal-sized freezing and leftovers. You’ll find them with the other canning supplies at Meijer or probably any other store. Love them.

    Also, Reynolds slow-cooker liners. They are the same product as cooking bags, but open on the long edge. LOVE these things. They make using the crock-pot much more do-able for me. I hate cleaning the thing!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I’ve looked at the Reynolds bags, and used the turkey bags before. They’re great! I will look into the bigger ones, and also the freezing jars — sounds like a great space saver (and all I have is my freezer compartment above the fridge, so space is a definite issue). Thanks!

  2. David

    Just want to say to both you and The Thriller that I am proud of you for your weight loss…not a cosmetic thing for me, never was just plain being healthier. It took me setting a record with three major heart attacks in a 45 minute span, laying on a gurney with the room going black watching Liz crying as she thought I was going out…so did I. Radical menu changes for us but so worth being on this side of the dirt.
    We cook and freeze a lot, huge soup fans which are easy to freeze and reheat.

    Be Blessed this weekend as work looms on your horizon!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      What a horrific experience, David. I can’t imagine. Now did you have bypass surgery, or was it another issue? I’m glad they caught you in time, and you’re right — the changes in lifestyle waaay outweigh the possibility of being on the other “side of the dirt.” HA

      I have a veggie soup recipe I haven’t made in a long time — I should do that, and freeze it in the freezing jars Lori talked about.


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