Wonderful? Maybe not so much.

Two days ago, I extolled the virtues of cortisone. Two sleepless nights and 50,000 belabored breaths later, I’m not so sure.

OK, this is the Cleveland Clinic, people; one of the top hospitals in the world. Don’t you think their radiology staff would warn patients of side effects of injected steroids? I mean, in their defense, they did say, “You might feel [thus and so] afterwards,” but at no time did anyone warn me, “Now your face may go all Red Lobster, and you might get jittery and irritable, and you may not be able to breathe very well in a couple of days.” Nope, that I found out on my own. Great timing too, eh? Oy.

*shaking fist at heavens*

Maybe I was expecting miracles, I dunno. But honestly, is it too much to ask to get rid of one pain without inviting three different ones in other places? Sheeps.

Upside? Tomorrow’s the day. :-)

5 thoughts on “Wonderful? Maybe not so much.

  1. RD

    Dangit! To say the least, these reactions you’re having to the cortisone treatments are the pits. Are they dissipating any? I certainly hope so! And, I hope these reactions don’t screw up your trip. Praying for you.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks, pal — good to chat with you today. I’m doing fine; planning to forget all the stress of life and enjoy this time away. The problems will be here when I get back!

  2. BoomR

    HANG IN THERE, luv!! And safe travels!!! I’m really looking forward to the photos & daily reports on your summer adventure!!!

    ((HUGS)) to ya both!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thank you, Boom Boom! And your turn comes up next week. How exciting! I will post photos here every day if I can. I want some Barcelona pictures as well!


  3. Suzanne

    I think they decided to torture you! Sweets think seriously about just having that hip replaced and have the opportunity to enjoy it while you are still young!!! (ok lecture over)

    BIG BIG HUGS and have a wonderful trip!!!! I am looking forward to hearing about it and seeing your pics!!!



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