Ya got to have friends

Sing it, Bette Midler. And a fabulous one is staying with us at the Fink house this very moment. Last night, most excellent fiend BoomR arrived and we spent the evening eating, laughing, catching up, and doing awesomely awesome geeky stuff like installing software and talking about what all I’ll be able to do with Logic Studio and Band-in-a-Box. It is going to be absolutely ding-dong-daddy fantastic.

BoomR and I met back in the 80s. We’ve made a lot of music together. We won a contest, recorded an album, formed a band, rocked out, swung, and pretty much had a ball. He watched Seamus and Lars go from babies to pre-teenagers. We went through some bad times together, and were there for each other. Then situations pulled us apart geographically, and we lost touch. I really don’t know how that happens; it just does, even to the best of friends. Fast-forward almost twenty years, and we reunited on email or Facebook — can’t remember which. Anyway, it’s like we were never apart. Have you experienced that with people in your life? It’s indescribable.

So. Boom Boom and I are spending the day at my classroom, training in Logic Studio. Photographs will be provided. I’ve made the morning coffee, our lunch for today, and the chili for tonight’s feast, and Mavis is doing her usual magic by getting everything ready by the time the family get here at 6. Thumbs up.

So enjoy your Saturn Day, my fiends. I know I will. Smell ya later.

2 thoughts on “Ya got to have friends

  1. BoomR

    YOU, my luv are ‘da bomb’!! I’ve said it before in front of you & I’ll say it again, I wouldn’t be HALF the musician I am today if it weren’t for YOU!!! Something just magical happend when we made music together & I am crossing fingers & toes that it’ll happen again REAL soon!

    You picked this Logic Studio & BIAB stuff up like a real pro (I had no doubts!). And I can’t wait to hear what you’ve done 4-6 months from now with it all!!

    Of course Mavis rocked her magic with you in the kitchen and the low-fat/low sodium/sugar-free chocolate & rice crispy treats were DELISH (as was the chili!). ALL South Beach Diet-friendly…how DID you do that?? :-)

    …and for the record, I went hunting for you on Classmates.com & we first connected there. Then via email & FB..and finally here, of course!! If you were as young as me, you’d remember…but I can only imagine how the memory goes when one gets to be your age….

    (BTW, I’ve packed my bag & am sleeping in the car now for fear you’ll come down & throw dog food in the bed with me)

    This weekend is one for the record books for me – and I can’t wait to do it all over again! I HEART YOU!! XOXOXOXOX

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey you — you out there in the driveway. Come in and get your Alpo breakfast! :P

      Most definitely – we made each other better musicians, and for all the negative press social networking gets, I am forever grateful for it because it brought you back to me! I’m counting the days till our next Dallas visit — we definitely have to make some music next time we’re down there. Bank on it! I love you!

      PS – Now I need to get some South Beach links from you. LOL


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