12 thoughts on “Speaking of fantastic music…

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Ah, very good! Going for it for the scholarship money does make sense, and I think she took the ribbing very well. But the guy who said, “Oh, honestly — She stinks and her friends should have told her that before she went out on stage” made me laff. :P

      1. BoomR

        That was my initial thought (“doesn’t she have friends or musicians she knows on which she could try out her act??”)…. but then when I heard her phone interview about how everyone thought she was FAB, it confirmed the saying: Beauty fades, but stupid is FOREVER! :-)

  1. RD

    Makes me want to take trumpet lessons! Speaking of a colonoscopy, I had one today. This was on a par with — maybe worse than the prep for it.


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