Yay for Saturday

mugI’m back home and relaxing before the new madness begins. It’s a beautiful sunny morning here in north central Ohio…I should be getting work done, but the coffee’s good and the chair is comfy, so I’ll stay awhile.

So I never commented on the Cavs getting Shaquille O’Neal. HA. I’m sure Danny Ferry knows something I don’t. I hope it works. Thirty-seven years old, slow, bad legs, struggles with the pick-and-roll…don’t we have the younger version of that in Ilgauskas?? Just askin’. Still, even at 37, Shaq is amazing to watch. I just hope it translates to a championship for what is almost certain to be LeBron’s last year in Cleveland (although why he would want to leave the Cavs is a mystery…unless he will get mo money and mo red carpet somewhere else — I just wouldn’t know where he could be more adored and pampered…China, mebbe?).

OK, enough basketball. Silly sport anyhow.

Overshadowed by MJ’s death was the tragic passing of Farrah Fawcett. OK magazine has a nice collection of photos of her, and her ex, Lee Majors, called her “an angel forever.” Nice. There are those who might argue her “iconic” status. It was surely not on the same level as MJ, but I know I will remember her for three reasons:

  1. She brought the “pin-up girl” thing back with the red swimsuit poster.
  2. She single-handedly influenced a generation of layered haircuts for women.
  3. She broke the Marilyn mold of blond bombshells wanting but not getting serious movie roles; I remember being horrified and completely impressed by her performance in The Burning Bed.

So yeah. Props to Farrah today as well.

All right. Time for some Nebraska session prep. But more java first. It’s good to be home.


8 thoughts on “Yay for Saturday

  1. Maelea

    I’m happy that you had fun at camp. I had fun at camp too. I learned so many things it is unreal, and most of them aren’t about music.

  2. Schmink

    I’m noticing how common blog pseudonyms are becoming among bloggers and people who comment on them.

    My name is Luke Aaron Priddy. I live in Greenwich Ohio. My address is 3321 Rome-Greenwich Rd. My email address is Luke.Priddy@gmail.com. My phone number is (419)202-6353 (please send me pictures of your dads). My employee number at my workplace is 3374862. My Credit Card number is 4147-2022-5053-9128. My Social Security Number: 296-93-3522.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You are a friggin MACADAMIA. (But u no i luv u)

      Rat Fink, all about transparency

  3. Ross

    Props to Farrah bigtime. Watching her special like 8 weeks ago was one part of a perfect storm that convinced Me and Mrs Me to quit smoking. Cold. The special, plus a hideous book called “the Secret History of the War on Cancer” by Devra Davis, and increased duty writing at a Lymphoma website.

    Can I say this though? These people are real, but they’re also celebrities, and I can assure you that, if any celeb had their choice, they would choose to pass away on a day other than the day MJ died. You can not upstage that. CNN should have been showing Charlie’s Angels highlights, instead I’m getting the Beat It video and emailing my old friend saying sarcastically, according to the old rumor, “Dude, I hear those are REAL Los Angeles gang members!”

    Not meaning to be insensitive. The spate of celebrity deaths is astonishing: MJ, Farrah, Billy Mays, Maulden, McMahon, Arguello. Good grief.


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