Another fond tribute

Except this guy isn’t dead; he’s retiring (and I am envious).

Our good fiend and fellow RtB poster RD is retiring after almost 40 years as a full time pastor. His last sermon is this morning, and the Fink and the Thriller are going to be there.

RD and I have been friends since 1983, when Lars was the bun in the oven. We’ve shared many funny experiences over the years, but one that I like to retell involves him coming to the hospital to visit me after I had surgery, years ago. Before leaving my room, he wanted to pray for me, so we both closed our eyes. When he was done, he found that the Fink had fallen fast asleep. HA — how many times did I say, “It was the Demerol, I swear!


He has a wonderful wife and family, and eleventy-six grandchildren, ranging from elementary school age to out of college and married. What a great fam. And what a great friend.

So, raise your coffee mug and give a shout to RD today. He’s earned that vacation home in Florida.


One thought on “Another fond tribute

  1. RD

    Thank you, Finkster, for the blog, tribute, and most of all for our long time friendship that will continue. At least you were medicated when you went to sleep during my prayer. I wander what reason those have who do it on Sunday morning in church :-)


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