Yay for The Visit

Daddy and the Fink

“The Visit” — it’s finally happening. :-)

This weekend, Daddy and his lovely wife Kathy will arrive in Finkville, in person. For those who don’t know the story behind all this fabulousness, click here. For those who do, isn’t it great? My sons and the rest of our family have been waiting a long time to meet “Granddaddy” and Kathy, and this Saturday, it all happens. Exciting times.

It was a little touch-and-go, as Daddy has recently had shoulder surgery and a difficult recuperation period, but the report is that he is determined to make this voyage from Mississippi, so it’s on. We plan to have a feast here at the homestead Saturday night in their honor. It is going to be a finktastic weekend.

But for now, we concentrate on other pressing things, like getting back into the swing of rehearsals every night. Last night was #1 — a session with the men. It went well. This new system of sending out mp3s and pdf files of the music through our Facebook page (facilitated by this — which EVERY choir director needs — you seeing this, Bando??) has really helped to cut down on the in-person note-bashing sessions. I luv it.

The question of the week: When will tap choreography be finished? Probably a week from tomorrow, just before the first company tap rehearsal that very evening. Ai.

No matter. All is well. Daddy’s coming to visit, so I’ll worry about the rest next week. :-D

4 thoughts on “Yay for The Visit

  1. Lori

    Though I had read your previous posts about your Daddy, I went back and read them again. Brought tears to my eyes. And this time I listened to the clip you posted. Now those same tears are flowing. I’m so happy for you! (And, I’m sure it’s worthy to note that my visiting grandson began to sing along. He liked it, too!) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. RD

    I am so thrilled for you in the joy, anticipation and excitement that coalesces around discovering you Daddy and now having a relationship with him. This promises to be another very fulfilling aspect of continuing the deepening of your relationship with him and other new family members too. Fantastico!!

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    Thank you, luvs! We are all tremendously excited, and it will be a fun, relaxing time. There will be lots of hugs and laughter fo sho! :-)


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