Yay x 2

How’d that happen?

Seems like last week when I started this little labor of love. Once in awhile, someone will mention a subject I’ve written about here, and I won’t remember having done it. One day, I will revisit some early stuff and peruse the silliness.

But for now, I say a huge thank you to all my Finkville family for coming back every day or so to read, even if you don’t comment (and you know I wish you would). Many interesting conversations have taken place here over the last two years — I look forward to a few more, as long as I still have stuff to talk about.

And I will. :-)

Gracias por todos,


5 thoughts on “Yay x 2

  1. Mavis

    Happy 2 Years Old!!! RTB is like coffee in the morning for me. Can’t start my day without it! I’ve loved reading you, sweet. Don’t stop!

    Love you!

  2. RD

    As they say, “Time flys when you’re having fun.” I enjoy reading your blog. You write personally and creatively on a wide range of topics. I’ll certainly keep reading and look forward to your posts in year three. I’ll comment when I have something to say, but you know that I’m a man of few words!


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