Sure seems like it.

Lance gets married this weekend. And just as I did before Sean’s wedding in 2003, I’m sitting here on a quiet Sunday morning with my memories, amazed at how fast little boys grow up.

Lance Philip was a silly, happy, loud, creative child. (He is now a silly, happy, loud, creative man.)

He walked at 9 months, and his first word was “hot.” Over the first 8 years of his life, he had more stitches, head wounds and accidents than any other child I have ever seen, met, heard of, read about or imagined in my wildest nightmares. I still think the emergency room staff suspected me…

Lance was and is my “free spirit.” Sean was introspective and conversational; obedient and quiet, never wanting to upset things or make waves. Lance lived to make waves. He *was* a wave; an endless wave of energy, creativity, laughter and mischief. (And it got him in trouble a few times, didn’t it Lancey???)

In other words, he was just like his mother. *sigh*

And now he’s all grown up. I love this picture of him (one of his high school graduation photos). I know he’d rather I didn’t post it, but seein’ as how Lance and I are very much alike…I don’t care. HA

Seriously, though. Lance has grown up to be a wonderful, caring person, and I am thrilled to “hand him over” to the beautiful woman he will marry on Saturday. I know I’m not losing a son; I’m just losing my grip on his childhood, which went by way, way too fast.

So this is my blog-flavored sonnet to Lance, who will always — even when he’s 49 — be my baby boy.


One thought on “Yesterday

  1. Mavis

    What a guy. After reading this, I’ve been sitting here remembering him as a child, too. Those puppy dog eyes made me melt every time I looked at him…still do. I was remembering all the times that Lance and I stood against the other kids (Jason,Sean,Jeremy,Tim)when we were all together. They always picked on Lance because he was the youngest. Lance knew, though, that when Aunt Cheryl was on his side – the other boys had better watch it! ;0)

    Lance is getting a beautiful new bride. We’re all so happy that Heidi is in our family. Heidi – you’re getting a pretty special man. I’m happy for both of you.

    Love you lots and lots,

    Aunt Cheryl/Mave


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