Things I can’t resist

Do you have a list like that? I want you to name some off your list, and I’ll do the same, ok? (TRO — I know you can’t resist beautiful brunettes — think of something else!) :P

Things I Can’t Resist

  1. The smell of bread toasting. Every time the Thriller has some, I have to go make some, too. I’m such a pathetic weakling.
  2. Kissing my dog.
  3. Rinsing off the spoon after stirring my coffee. Bizarre.
  4. Jake.
  5. Making sure every hair is in place. (Thanks, Mother.)
  6. Rinsing off the dishes in hot water before leaving them in the sink or on the counter or putting them in somebody else’s dishwasher (I don’t have one of those fancical dancical machines).
  7. Milky Ways. Ok, I’ve been resisting them lately, but there was a time…

What about you? List a couple. Reveal your inner cravings, OCD tendencies, and general freakishness.

7 thoughts on “Things I can’t resist

  1. Mavis

    I have a ton of them, but I’ll narrow it down to 7.

    1. Teasing my husband (he does make it easy).
    2. The smell of coffee brewing in the morning (even though I don’t drink it anymore).
    3. Pumpkin Spice candles (that or a loaf of bread – I’ll buy the candle every time).
    4. Wyler’s, Sugar-free Cool Raspberry Singles to Go.
    5. Eating only the skin off of fried chicken.
    6. Getting together with my family.
    7. Babysitting Jakey.

    Finkle, you forgot one on your list – never leaving the house without wearing a pair of earrings!



  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Mave – I knew teasing Rick would be #1! And yes, it’s a cold day down under when I escape without me danglies….

  3. meg

    1. Kissin my dog (stole it from u, but she is my sweety!)
    2. Curling my toes OR have one leg up when eat. I can’t have my feet flat on the ground…EVER
    3. SHOES!
    4. strawberry chapstick
    5. Mitch Albom
    6. cookie dough/cake batter
    7. having my hands constantly in my hair

    >this was a tad hard…u purty much know everything about me that i can put into ‘list form’ :) haa

  4. Mathew

    1. Video Games
    2. Mt. Dew
    3. Randomly breaking out into song for no really good reason
    4. I’m with TRO on the redheads bit :D
    5. Making people laugh, especially when they shouldn’t
    6. Riding my motorcycle
    7. Procrastinating….I just can’t resist it….

    Speaking of which, it’s now after 2am and I still have homework to do!

  5. Rat Fink Post author

    @TRO – you are incorrigible!
    @Meg – I too am a (cherry) ChapStick addict
    @Mathew – #2 – who knew?!?!?

  6. P.K. Pudlin

    Have no fear, my dear. No’s 3, 5, 6 and the earrings mean you’re a normal Virgo. I was raised by one and gave birth to another, so I’m aware of the symptoms. Myself? I suffer from severe bovilexia, and cannot resist calling “Moooooo” out the window then I pass a heard of cows.
    Your Aries/Gemini friend.


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