This is not funny.

Does anyone *ever* laugh at those stupid Progressive Insurance commercials, set in some virtual “insurance store,” where there’s an annoying cashier girl who tries to be cheeky? They’re unfunny. Offensively so. I mean, they’re not even remotely entertaining. I end up not hearing a word of the sales pitch because I’m too busy a) fumbling for the widget to change the channel, or b) getting up to leave the room.

Bottom line: Even *I* could write funnier copy.

The spots feature actress Stephanie Courtney, who — I’m sorry if I’ve said this already — is decidedly not funny. And unfortunately, it’s not just bad scripts on moronic commercials that have her snake-bit. The stuff she writes herself isn’t funny, either.

She’s probably a really nice lady, though. But it BEGS THE QUESTION (heh, had to do that): why do people like this make it in comedy/television, and other people who are infinitely funnier/more talented do not? Like some people I know?

Rhetorical. But it’s still a head-scratcher.

F. O.

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