Contest time


Yep, already! Adam R. knew the answer to today’s contest. The line, which goes, “‘Get out,’ I told her. ‘Take the child, and go to the spa and get your health back‘” was spoken by Constanze Mozart’s mother in the movie Amadeus from 1984 (it won Best Picture that year).

A big ol’ Hershey bar is on its way to Adam’s house…


Ah, but I haven’t forgotten about you, contest hounds. After taking the month of August off, the RtB Contest is back.

RtB Contest #6!

Big fat ol’ Hershey bar (either in person or through the mail, and the Fink don’t skimp — you get the biggy) goes to the winner. Today’s fun:

In the second-to-last paragraph of this post, there is a movie quote (it’s the phrase actually in quotes, beginning with the words “go to the spa…”). Two-part question:

  1. What movie is it?
  2. Which character spoke the line? [A character description is fine — no need for names.]

Send your answers (it’s gotta be both and both gotta be right) to ratfink at finkweb . org to claim your yummy prize. First one to reach my inbox wins.

Please don’t post the answer here, because folks might want to research on their own first. Please and thank you.

Out-of-state players: that means people outside the grasp of my rat claws here in Ohio – the USPS and I are tight, so don’t be afraid to play — I’ll be happy to send your luscious chocolateness through the mail.

Winner will be announced in this space soon’s I get the right answer.

Finky days all around. I’m hittin’ the shower.

2 thoughts on “Contest time

  1. P.K. Pudlin

    ‘Scuse me, your Finkness, but I beg to differ. She said ‘Go the the SPAR and get your health back.’

    Then started singing “Der Holle Rache”.



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