¿Por qué? Pourquoi?


  1. Why do people turn nouns into verbs? On Facebook this morning, I noticed someone was “homeworking,” which didn’t bother me, by the way. But it brought to mind a misdirected noun from my graduate work that does. It is the one word that the Rat Fink simply cannot bear to hear. PK knows. I can barely type it. OK, I will, just this once. Musicking — as in the act of making music. I plan to shoot the man who made it up. Music. Is. Not. A. Verb. I know there are those who don’t care about this, but…yeah. You know the drill. :-)
  2. Why does talking about critical pedagogy bother me? I really, really get itchy about it. It’s the poster child for the selfish, crybaby, “gimme what she has” generation of public education. *scratching head really fast* I dunno. I just hate it. Moving on.
  3. Why does a person write a bomb threat note and leave it in the men’s room at school? (Especially when kids have to sign out to go to the rest room, and there are cameras in the hallways?) Hmmm. Anyway, it was a terrible way for everyone to spend most of their day: evacuated and locked up in the middle school gym.
  4. Why does time fly when you’re having fun, and drag when you’re not?
  5. Why are my keys always in the other pocket?
  6. Why do people insist on self-destructive behaviors? (I myself am guilty of this at times.)
  7. Why are some people unkind? I’ll never get it.

Answer me these questions…um, seven.


8 thoughts on “¿Por qué? Pourquoi?

  1. PKPudlin

    If I remember my high-school grammar class (back before cameras in the halls), a gerund is a verb that is used as a noun (swim/swimming). I agree, however that it just doesn’t work the other way. ‘Homeworking’ and that *other word* might be called antigerundives.
    My sister will use words like ‘homeworkage’, which might be an example of a pseudo-antigerundive, because words like that aren’t really turning a noun into a verb, but almost.

    OK, I’m going to leave before I really get into trouble.

  2. Stein

    1. People in large groups are stupid, and periodically that trickles down to when people are alone.
    2. The word pedagogy is dumb. (Don’t even start me on buttons!)
    3. See 1
    4. Apparantly in this aspect it is great fun to be 95 years old but horribly boring to be 6.
    5. Sometimes you have no clue where your keys are, so thank the heavens they are somewhere.
    6. Self-destructive behavior is usually a reaction based on pure emotion without any logical background. Logic cures all: Spock.
    7. Riddle me this!!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author


      Don’t apologize, Mathew — like I said, it totally didn’t bother me. It just reminded me of something that did!

      Kevin is still afraid to turn off his light at night.


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