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Xenon II

Wednesday update:

The more time I spend with these people, the more I like them. Yesterday, we sat around for a few minutes and told something interesting about ourselves. They are interesting indeed: from Rachel, who owns a microscopic Yorkshire Terrier, to John, who is one of seven children, to Brooke, who spelunks in rural West Virginia — every one of them had something cool to say.

And everybody’s boppin’.

Fink out.

Juju Apocalypse Xenon

That’s the name the singers chose for the small ensemble I direct at the jazz camp.

Juju Apocalypse Xenon…get it? :-)

I’m really enjoying the kids at the camp. Some good blues being sung; also good scat and even some better-than-average bebop. Most of my nine singers are pop a cappella performers…blues and bop are very new to many of them. But the cool thing is, they like the change — something teenagers (and just about everyone else, I suppose) are customarily against.

So what’s everyone up to? I noticed Ross posted his contribution. Is he not the coolest? He is my role model. Someday, I want to sleep in till 8, get up, write all day, sleep, repeat. I know he does more than that, but I don’t want to do more than that.  Oh, and there’s the “get paid” part that I want, too. I want to sleep, write, get paid, rinse, repeat. Yeah.

Anyway — back to my grind. Thought I’d check in with everyone since I said I’d keep you posted.

Yo homey, smell ya layta.


Weekend stuff

J’ever want the weekend to get over with? I do. I hate meetings, and I have one tomorrow. Yep, a meeting on Fathers Day. Only thing I can figure out is when Brad scheduled this camp, he figured that FD would be the week before. Ah well. My dad won’t mind. He’s in heaven, where every day is Fathers Day.

Good news: my new school PC came in yesterday. Yay! The MacBook should arrive soon as well. I am in geek heaven. I brought my old machine home from school to offload files; I must say I like the look of my parlor this morning:

And that’s only three of the four.

OK, back to doing laundry for the week at camp. Oh, and don’t forget to check out RtB tomorrow to welcome Ross, my first-ever guest blogger!


La cosa nostra

Loosely translated: our thing. Last night, the “thing” was Godfather III. Awesome.

Its opening solo trumpet theme has become one of the most familiar pieces of music from any film score in history:

The Hollywood Reporter described it as “so instantly recognizable that an audience could probably identify it simply from the melancholy sound of its first sustained vibrato trumpet note.” Perhaps that’s why they placed it at #1 on the list of their “Top 100 Film Scores” of all time. Cool.

And even though I’ve watched the penultimate scene on the opera house steps a hundred times, I still bawl. The three weirdos who came to my house to watch it with me didn’t seem to mind, though. Zany creatures, they:

Caesar, Schminky and Abe

The pizza, the movie, the conversation…all good.

Fink, to the showers and then the school house


This could be dangerous. I am spending entirely too much time at CrackBerry this morning. Yikes.

I love gadgets for my Storm. Heh. I would rather play with fun toys this day than choose music for my v-jazz camp that starts Sunday. Or clean the Finkhouse. Or wonder if Lars got my text message yesterday.


As much as I hate to, I must fly. Have to get started. Another good day for hating things, I see. I am starting to love hate. I like that.

Hating everything and everyone (except you, of course),