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Vrolijk Kerstfeest!

I say it in Dutch this day, in honor of Finkite Suzanne, who lives in Klompenland. Yay!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, fiends! As we celebrate, I think of how richly and often I am blessed by my wonderful family and friends. Yesterday, the old tennis elbow acted up so badly, I could hardly move my left arm at all. Enter Mavis, who saved the day — and the meal! She did almost all the work, while I was relegated to the occasional stirring with my right hand, and moving stuff around. Yay Mavis! She sure came through for all of us last night.

Then I check Facebook this morning, and everyone is wishing everyone a happy holiday, both individually and by general wall posts. It would be kind of neat, wouldn’t it, if that kind of spirit stretched through the year? Maybe not, I dunno. You don’t want to cheapen a thing by overkill. Look what it did to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” :P

Anyway, I take this moment to say “enjoy your weekend,” whatever it may include. You all (kind readers…all 90 of you worldwide) are a huge reason I keep this little circus going. Hugs all around.

Merry merry!

FO (to Detroit)

PS – I received a delightful Vanilla Bean gift collection — truthfully, this might be enough to get me through the year.

Christmas Eve RNF

Random Neuron Firings

One of my students (I must admit, the kid is hilarious), dressed up as the dreaded You-Know-Who for the high school basketball game last night. I’m sure it was a hoot. (WordPress is being silly today; here’s the link to the larger version.)

So, is everyone where they need to be? It’s not an incredibly busy day for us here. Tonight is when the action starts, so I’ve got time to get my list of jobs done before family arrive at 6. Chances are, since it’s Christmas Eve & all, you might not have had the chance to visit Finkville, so I will wait patiently for all the fantastic details of your holiday. I sure hope no one had to work today.

So, I see that the American Christmas Spirit is alive and well, as Air Jordans have hit the stores. Clever Nike, waiting until Friday to do it. Idiots. They knew what was going to happen. I have an idea: only release them online, and let the bandwidth gods decide who gets them and who doesn’t. That might, at least, reduce the likelihood of someone being killed (again) over a pair of tennis shoes.

But hey, it’s Christmas Eve; let’s not snark, shall we? It’s a happy day! It’s not nearly often enough when I get most of the family together in one place. Only ones MIA will be the Texas contingent. :-( I miss them.

So off I go to make ready the house and food for the festivities. Mavis, Hannah and Simone brought over their gifts to add to ours, and the tree is now dwarfed (not that it wasn’t a dwarf in the first place). This weekend is not “about” the gifts; we all know that. It sure does look festive for awhile, though. The colors and lights at 6 a.m., when all is dark and quiet…it’s a beautiful sight. It makes me want to have a shortbread cookie and some Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. I think I will do just that.

Then I gotta get to work. Mavis arrives to cook at 3, and the celebration begins. Yay!

Merry Christmas Eve!

4:30? I don’t mind.

I can take a nap later if I want to. I’m on vacation. And there was much rejoicing.

Today, I shall bake a cake and clean my house. Or bake a cake and watch a movie. Or bake a cake and then bake something else. Tomorrow, Mavis comes over and we start putting together the Christmas meal. I’m looking forward to several stress-free days, when I will not touch a piano (so maybe my tendinitis will start to heal, oweeee) or think about upcoming rehearsals.

Well, I’ll probably think about them…

We also plan to enjoy the fabulous dinner-and-a-movie gift that BoomR and BV sent (B — the Thriller wants to see Sherlock Holmes). Bando came for a visit yesterday and gave me some delicious treats (I’m having a shortbread cookie with coffee this morning) which I plan to share with the family tomorrow. Thank you to both of you!

So, is all your shopping done? Are you ready to enjoy the most important parts of the holidays, whatever they are  to you? That’s the best part, isn’t it.

Happy Finkday! Time to get busy — or not. :-)

Dear Santa,

I know it’s late, but I’d like the following for Christmas this year. Is there anything you can do, last-minute-like?

It would be a really great Christmas if:

  1. I never saw another “LMS” post on Facebook. (Wasn’t MySpace also taken over by the junior high crowd before it died a miserable death?)
  2. people finally, once for all, figured out the difference between “your” and “you’re”
  3. Congressmen/women could think about something other than their reelections
  4. I could have a new hip joint without all the cutting and sewing
  5. all my family’s health problems would go *poof*
  6. I could see my grandchildren every day
  7. yes, I have to say it: there was world peace (seriously, it would be fantastic if it happened in my lifetime)
  8. the city would fix the pothole in the street at the entrance to my driveway (we’re getting tired of pictures falling off the walls when trucks hit it, not to mention peeling the dog off the ceiling every time)
  9. people would be more tolerant of — and even welcoming to — other lifestyles, religious observances, and opinions
  10. every reality TV show would dry up, all at the same time    *bing*
Was all that a bit snarkish? Hmm. Maybe. My apologies if I offend — just blame it on the fact that my students and I are suffering from spending too much time together. We need a little space in the relationship.
I’m getting excited for family time! Christmas Eve is our big night, followed by the annual Detroit trip on Christmas morning, while the kids are scattered at in-laws’ and other places. Bring it on. Thursday, GET IN MY BELLY.

Stress? Today?

It shouldn’t be happening, but it is. It’s just a short gig at the nursing home. Stop stressing, fuh cryin’ out loud.

I guess it’s just the nature of the thing. Will everyone be at school today? Will everyone remember to dress appropriately? Where’s my music from the Christmas concert? Why didn’t I get that taken care of yesterday, while I was in my room, getting a list of spring music together from JW Pepper? Who’s my sub? Will my 7th & 8th graders give him/her a hard time? Will I have to get nasty right before Christmas break? Why didn’t I get that extra music ready for my first period rehearsal? Why didn’t I stop at the ATM on the way from school yesterday?

Nuts. All stuff I really can’t control from my parlor, so why torture myself? ‘Cuz thass what I do.

Ah well. All will work out………….or not. But hey, it’s Tunesday, which means one day closer to Thursday. YAY :-)

How’s your Christmas week shaping up, fiends? Share a little comment love and tell the Fink all about it.