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Down and down…

…go the days, down the May drain. Yay.  8-)

Remember all those commitments I yammered on about a week ago? Well, I’m down to the last two. Auditions tonight, then graduation on Sunday. Then it’s allllllllll over.

A friend posted this on Facebook this morning. Very interesting, and timely too, since it was written in 1933:

Too true.

Have a goody today — we’re halfway there. I’m off to make pick up the donuts. Heh.

Yee haw and wahoo!

Chief Wahoo, that is. :-D Could the Indians actually be for real this year? Too soon to tell. But man…I was in my room after school yesterday, having just met with my fiend Stoney. After she left, I turned on the TV to see if the game was over, and just as the picture came into view, I witnessed a walk-off, 3-run homer in the bottom of the 10th, by Yan Gomes. Wahoo!

I jumped around like a fool for about 5 seconds, then got down to the business of getting ready for the biggest concert of the year (spring, high school). I must say, they came through beautifully for their audience, and I hope people found something they liked.

A friend posted this picture on Facebook — she’s so talented with capturing stuff like this. We did “Seven Bridges Road,” and I wasn’t initially sure how it would be received (it wasn’t one of the Eagles’ megahits), but it ended up being an audience favorite, judging from the comments I heard after the concert. It sure was fun to play and sing. Always good to have my trusty rhythm section with me as well.

As usual, the audience was kind and the kids gave it all they had. A good performance. And I will have fond memories of the eleven graduating seniors we honored.

The rest of the week should be comparatively easy — Academic Awards ceremonies tonight, Fiddler auditions tomorrow night, and that about wraps it up for my evening commitments for the year. Wow, I can actually be home to cook dinner on Thursday…

Did you have a good Monday?

PS — please text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief for the people in Oklahoma. Do this today and I’ll join you.



That’s me (and Eddie Kendricks and BTO) this weekend. Had an awesome time at two birthday parties, a wedding (the cake pops were a hit, what a relief), and a fun — and profitable! — night out with the Thriller yesterday. Today, it’s a preschool graduation, followed by grocery shopping and getting ducks lined up for tomorrow night’s high school concert: the source of most of my stress the last three weeks or so. Get through that, and it’s basically smooth sailing. Next Sunday should be OK; we’ll sing two tunes for graduation, and then it’s over. Really, really over.

Head down, but eyes on the goal. I got this.

How was your weekend? Are you happy that, for at least today, the Indians are in first place? Please, join me in my pathetic celebration of what is sure to be a temporary, halcyon dream.


Hoo-ee, I’m cake-popped out! What fun yesterday. I ended up with 115, with the awesome help of Kay and Mavis. By the end of the bagging/ribboning session, we were all pretty goofy and silly. Why can’t I tie a bow anymore? Haha. Good times.

Today, we’re off to the races, then the racetrack. Number 2 grandson Justin turns 4 on Monday, and his party is today. I’ll make a hasty exit from that party to Rae and Heffe’s wedding, and following that, Simone and John’s daughter turns 10 today, and we’re going for a celebration at their house later.

After all the partying, it’s off to Thistledown for a little grown-up escape before the final, ridiculously crazy week at school.

I can see the finish line, waaaaay off in the distance. Huzzah!

Happy weekend, fiends. Here we go.

Finkday Fun

For two reasons: 1 – we’re approaching the last few days of school, and 2 – I get to hang with sis Mavis and BFF Kay today. Yippy!! Some fun girl time is definitely on the prescription I wrote myself a few weeks ago, especially for this time period.

Busy weekend for sure (a wedding and two birthday parties, a preschool “graduation” and picnic, then getting stuff ready for my final concert on Monday night), but it should be fun.

Operation Tie-the-Knot is coming along. All cake pops are on the sticks and ready for their chocolate baths this afternoon. Then Mavis, Kay and I will wrap them up and make them pretty, and send them on their way to the reception hall at the ski lodge.

Two more gigs, two more gigs, two more gigs…then I put on my dancing top hat. Is he annoying you yet?

:-D Happy Finkday! Dress casual!