After tomorrow, I’ll be over halfway done. Does that make you want to dance and sing? :-D

Last night, my 5th-8th graders sang like angels, and hopefully delighted their audience. There was one little behavior issue involving less-than-professional comportment on the risers that I must deal with this morning. Students presenting poor posture and attitude on the risers is a rarity, and I was disappointed. But I will dispose of the problem forthwith. Bank on it.

My dastardly cold is finally starting to subside, thanks to DayQuil, NyQuil, and clean livin’. I plan to be back on track to Grammieville by one week from today. Once we get there, all gigs except for one (a fun one that involves a flash mob of sorts) will be history, and I can really start enjoying the holiday.

What about you? Do you have any plans to go away for the holiday? I  know a couple of you fiends (David, PK, maybe others) are having family in. That’s a good part about being the matriarch/patriarch, ja? I remember hitting the road every holiday when my kids were young; it wasn’t something one thought about — one just did it. Pack up the kids and go to Mom’s for Christmas. I loved doing it, and it never felt like work. Nowadays though…wow, I don’t know how we did all that. My own sons and their wives are constantly on the move with their kids at the holidays, hauling bunches of gear with them (especially Lars and Helen, whose children are much younger than the Js).

Wears me out thinking about it. But I surely do appreciate their willingness to do it.

OK, enough rumination for one morning — especially when I’m running 15 minutes late. But hey, I can see the weekend from here. Yay for some more couch time and finally hitting this cold out of the park.

And speaking of cold: five degrees outside this morning? Are ya jokin’ me?

8 thoughts on “2/5

  1. Mavis

    I wish I could have been at the concert last night! Like you, I’m battling this cold. I’m actually starting to feel a bit more human this morning, though. Yay for small victories! I’m definitely going to be at the next concert. I’m in the mood for some Christmas cheer! I just noticed how many times I typed “I’m” in this post. It’s all about me, I guess!! ;-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Well I’m glad you’re feeling better now. and I’m certainly expecting your bright smiling face at the concert I’m directing this coming Tuesday. I’m counting on you to be there, or I’m going to be disappointed!!


  2. David

    Very happy to hear that you are on the North side of that cold/cough, keep doing what you have been doing Ms. Fink. Not even gonna say anything about all that “clean livin.”

    We are staying on the Ranch for Christmas, Grandkids delight; I always take Liz away for New Years Eve so I am working on that right now, I love giving surprises.


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