30 Day Challenge 11

Day 11
Name something that makes you feel ooky; creeped out.

  1. When my dog acts as if someone or something is “there,” but I can’t see or hear anything.
  2. Clowns (people who think clowns are funny are suspect as well)
  3. That initial moment of deafening silence when the electricity shuts off during a thunderstorm
  4. Cats. They stare and hiss and dig in their claws and expect you to like it. Sociopaths…

Nothing like a violent thunderstorm with the beginnings of hail (I can hear it against the windows) to accompany the creepy talk this morning. And then I get to drive in it — yay! So tell — what makes your skin crawl?

16 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge 11

  1. PKPudlin

    I don’t like clowns either. Or monkeys – nothing cute about them at all. Cats are okay, though. My cats don’t stare or hiss or claw – they purr and love and curl up with me. They’re my fuzzy kids. My hubby used to feel the way you do, but I’ve converted him to a cat person.

    I hate being too close to a train – moving or not. The little ones are fun to watch, but the big ones are just too much weight and power with only little tiny wheels and thin tracks to keep them under control. Then they fly along at 50 or 60 mph while I’m sitting behind a little painted stick with a couple of lights on it. ACK!


  2. BoomR

    Watching a movie where someone is standing on the roof of a building @ the edge – like they’re going to jump – and then the camera pans over the edge to the street below. I’m not very good with heights, so it’s like I’m actually the one that’s going to “jump” ….. UGH…

    But for some reason, sitting on an airplane & watching the ground below me anywhere from 2,000 – 30,000 ft. is not a problem. Go figure! :-)

  3. Stein

    People that yell to one another instead of talking normally face-to-face

    Large groups of small children (They hug, sneeze, cough, vomit, pee, and get food left over from lunch still stuck on their face on you.)

    Bridges and tall buildings

      1. Stein

        Nope. I’m not even in the same building as anybody under the age of 11, but you know what I’m talkin’ about!

  4. Country Mouse

    This is a hard one….can’t think of a lot that creeps me out but I am not overly fond of heights, thunderstorms or roller coasters.
    Just can’t understand the Finks #4 – I love cats!!!!

  5. Bando

    -Walking through my dark house, but only if other people are up. If it’s just me, I do not mind.
    -The sweaty floors at work this time of year. The water cycle here includes asbestos snow in the music wing and laminate floor condensation everywhere. It’s especially gross in the cafeteria.
    -People whose faces are concealed by masks or clown paint. Probably why I’m not a big Halloween fan. (the movie or the holiday)

  6. Suzanne

    HAHA Fink! Cats are awesome, you just haven’t met the right one yet.

    Things that creep me out—swimming in a lake or river and feeling underwater plants or fish brush my legs or feet. AAAAAAAAAA I hate that!

    I am the same with heights although I did manage to work up the courage to go out The Ledge in Chicago….google it

    A sudden spider/large bug sighting will give me a startle but I calm down and deal with said spider/large bug. However, I could never live in the jungle where the really creepy things are!!!

    I also don’t care much for clowns, that why I love Stephen King’s It. Totally creepy!

  7. Greg

    Flannel chalkboard erasers–odd for a teacher but I don’t like touching them!
    Hypodermic syringes/needles–carryover from childhood
    Going to the doctor–he’s very thorough (if you get my drift!)

  8. Meg

    Frogs, lizards, fish (unless skinned and fried with a side of coleslaw), snakes, toads, flies, spiders, worms, mice, rats, etc. So pretty much every reptile, rodent, amphibian, insect and anything cold blooded.

    When people sneeze and cough on everything and everyone around them within a 5 foot radius because they can’t cover their own dang face. That’s whatchya gotta sleeve fer! :P

    P.S. And Suzanne is right – you just haven’t met the right kitty cat. HA!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Seems like a week can’t go by without my telling some student, “Please do NOT zizz all over my carpet and your classmates! COVER YOUR MOUTH.” Makes me crazy!!

  9. Kodye

    1.) Birds. They’re disease ridden. And travel in groups. And are very unpredictable.
    2.) Those two years where Casey Affleck was more famous than Ben Affleck, that really freaked me out.


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