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30 Day Challenge Bonus

So, here it ends. Since the 2nd of May, I have learned fantastic things about you, to wit:

  1. Some great childhood memories
  2. Your first car
  3. What happened the year you were born
  4. Things that get on your everlast nerve
  5. Facts about you that few people know
  6. What you feel are the most useful inventions of the past century
  7. Stuff your mom taught you
  8. Your ability to give rapid-fire answers to random questions
  9. When you almost died, or thought you might die
  10. Your favorite bizarre food choices
  11. Things that creep you out
  12. Your personal belief statements
  13. Secret career desires
  14. When you won something
  15. The sickest you’ve ever been
  16. Who your favorite teacher was, and why
  17. Your recurring dreams/nightmares
  18. Some things you regret
  19. What all you did in high school
  20. Old clothing you still wear
  21. How you came to live where you live
  22. Your favorite candy
  23. Things you think are headed for extinction
  24. Countries you’d like to visit
  25. Your favorite songs
  26. Your favorite films
  27. Your least favorite household chores
  28. Things you like about you
  29. Your favorite time-wasting activities
  30. Recent changes in your life

And the best part: I feel I got to know you a bit better through your posts. Yay! A big thank-you to all my fiends who were such good sports to participate in this little game whenever they could. Unlike many bloggers, I’m not in this to make money; no banner ads here. The interaction from readers this past month — that’s why I do this. Can’t put a price on it, and I hope it continues.

All right. For Day 31, please provide some rapid-fire responses:

  1. Favorite sports teams
  2. Favorite color
  3. Favorite TV show, past or present
  4. Favorite beverage
  5. Favorite quote
  6. Favorite actor
  7. Favorite city
  8. A car you’d like to own
  9. Book you’re reading right now, or if you’re currently not reading, a favorite book
  10. Favorite forms of relaxation

My answers:

  1. Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers
  2. Black, red, brown, gold, purple (ah heck…just include the whole spectrum)
  3. Need you even ask? Mad Men
  4. A spritzer I make, using cranberry juice and diet Sprite (the Js love it as well)
  5. I drank WHAT? – Socrates. <–Kidding. I like the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.
  6. Hmmm…lemme think. :-) JD, of course. I like Cate Blanchett, too.
  7. NYC, Las Vegas
  8. Same answer since the 70s: MG Midget
  9. An epic tome, yeesh — struggling through The Passage by Justin Cronin (think The Stand, but not as interesting)
  10. Getting together with family & friends; watching a ball game; reading; Facebook

Big Fink love to alla y’all. Way to start off June! I will do this again someday, when I’ve thought up 30 more questions.

The next 30 Day Challenge? Getting through them so we can leave for the Odyssey. :-)

30 Day Challenge 30

Day 30
Tell about a recent change in your life; say, over the past year or so.

My health has totally gone south! I hate it. I’ve never been sickly, ever. And it’s not that I’m “sick” sick, like throw-up or headcold sick. It’s that my parts ain’t working so well anymore. Well let me tell you, this is the Summer of Repair. I don’t want anything to ruin the upcoming Odyssey, to get in the way of playing with the Js, or to complicate the massive choreography that needs to take place over the next few months. Not happening. Just call me Howard Beale.

So, what are your ch-ch-ch-changes? Bet you have some.

30 Day Challenge 29

A blessed Memorial Day to everyone in the States. Although I don’t know anyone in my family who lost his life in a war, I join a grateful nation this morning in appreciating and thanking all those who paid that price in the name of our country’s freedom. Gone but never forgotten.

OK, on to the penultimate question (although there will be a bonus day, thanks to PK). Everyone wastes time sometime. Even the most studious, serious, intelligent and disciplined people have a guilty time-wasting pleasure — even if they won’t admit it. [Of course, all RtB fiends readily admit to succumbing to one, or else they wouldn’t be here. :D ] So give it up:

Day 29
Name a mindless activity to which you capitulate every now and then.


30 Day Challenge 28

Another tuffy for some of us. Yes, you have to say something nice about yourself. Come on, now — give it some thought and hit “Leave a Reply.” I’ll go first.

Day 28
“I’d like to think that I…”

I’d like to think that I’m a good friend, and generally kind to people (when I’m not in rehearsal, that is). I’d like to think that I’ve been a good mother. I hope so, anyway. I’d like to think that I’m good to my husband, and that my grandchildren want to spend time with me.

OK, gofrit. How do you hope people see you now? And in the end, what do you hope to have accomplished?

30 Day Challenge 27

Day 27
What is the absolute worst household chore?

Geez…can I just say “all of them”? :-) Actually, I do very few household chores since the Thriller works from home. Most of them are done by the time I drag in from school or rehearsals, which makes me one of the luckiest people alive. But in the summer, I share the load, and since my summer break officially starts today…. Yeah, terrific, heh.

I’m going to say dusting is the worst. The clearing off, the wiping down, the putting back. Repeat five days later. Ugh.