30 Day Challenge 28

Another tuffy for some of us. Yes, you have to say something nice about yourself. Come on, now — give it some thought and hit “Leave a Reply.” I’ll go first.

Day 28
“I’d like to think that I…”

I’d like to think that I’m a good friend, and generally kind to people (when I’m not in rehearsal, that is). I’d like to think that I’ve been a good mother. I hope so, anyway. I’d like to think that I’m good to my husband, and that my grandchildren want to spend time with me.

OK, gofrit. How do you hope people see you now? And in the end, what do you hope to have accomplished?

12 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge 28

  1. BoomR

    I certainly confirm that you are ALL THAT (and a bag of chips!) :D

    And I’m sort of with you – I’d like to think that I’m a good friend, good listener, and a very giving/caring person. I’d like to think that I have a good head on my shoulders & have some common sense. I’d like to think that I’m a good spouse/life partner and try each day to be thankful for the gifts and people in my life.

    I hope that people see these things & more in me and know they can count on me when the going gets tough – or want to celebrate when the going ISN’T tough :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      All I can say is, BV is one lucky spouse. And that common sense thing…all too rare these days.

      You’re the best and I love you!

  2. Skylar

    I think you are all of the above, Jax. From an outsider’s perspective, anyway. :)

    I’d like to think that I really am as mature as everyone tells me I seem. Sometimes I don’t feel like it. I hope I can be the kind of educator I always loved to have class with in school (like you! ;D).

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thank you, Skylar. I think every “mature” person lets down her hair once in awhile. The cool thing about you is that you know how to pin it back up when the fun’s over. I wish the absolute best for you as you embark on this odyssey! You will be a great teacher — and if not that down the road, a great anything you choose! Keep writing!

  3. Meg

    I’d like to think others consider me as the compassionate, pleasant, and considerate person I strive to be. I’d like to think that I am willing to do anything for anyone, especially if I love you. I’d like to think that I am capable of being true to who I really am and not conform to what others may want me to be. I also like what PK had to say – if someone can think of me and smile, then I am blessed.

    And along with BoomR and Skylar – I think you are all of those things! *hugs*

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You have gone into the best field, luv — it aligns perfectly with your personality and heart for people. And yay for non-conformity! One of the speakers at graduation yesterday (Paul) mentioned that it was a bit incongruent that they were gathered on the same day, wearing identical clothing and performing the same physical tasks like toy soldiers, only to be told to embrace their individuality. Sometimes the world gets like that…you know, lockstep. Keep your promise to be true to yourself. And save room in your future schedule to work on my aching hip joints! LOL

  4. Country Mouse

    I’d like to think that I…..am a good mother. For the past 21 years my #1 job has been to be a mother. People tell me that my kids are well mannered, hard working, dependable and respectful. That makes me happy.
    I try to be kind to people, be positive and not drag others down with negativity or a bad attitude.
    I work hard, willingly give of my time and energy and like to help others out.
    I am organized and I like to be in charge! Some might call me a control freak but I like to think that I can lead others without being bossy. Others might disagree!!!
    Maybe I could just be summed up by a comment area on a kindergarten report card – “works well with others!”
    You wouldn’t know it but I hate talking about myself so enough about me!!! Rat Fink – I confirm that you are a good friend and a kind person!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      And doesn’t it seem like staying positive can be more of a stretch these days? (Especially in your line of work!) You have been a fantastic, involved mom, and your boys appreciate you (even though one rolls his eyes at being called “baby,” HA). I know I’ve talked/typed your ear/eyes off on several occasions over the last 8-9 years — for that I thank you, good friend!

  5. Suzanne

    Well yeah I’d like to THINK that I am a good friend and good wife . But AM I…ik doe mijn best as they say in Dutch — I do my best.

    What I definitely know about myself is that I am a good daughter. I decided a few years ago to make sure that my mom knows she is loved by me and I have accomplished that. That makes me happy.

    I also know that I am an honest and good worker. TNT Post will be sorry to lose me in December! (contract is up and won’t be renewed due to changes in policy).

    Fink I am sure that you are all of those things you think you are (even if your e-mail seems to break down now and then… :) )

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Well I for one think H is dang fortunate to have you (and I think he’d agree), and I know for a fact that you are a devoted daughter, even and especially across the miles. I’ve definitely struggled with the old email…but hey, I’m on summer break now, so now I’m all free & easy! (Besides, I have to know about the TNT contract policy…what, are they nuts?)


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