30 Day Challenge 29

A blessed Memorial Day to everyone in the States. Although I don’t know anyone in my family who lost his life in a war, I join a grateful nation this morning in appreciating and thanking all those who paid that price in the name of our country’s freedom. Gone but never forgotten.

OK, on to the penultimate question (although there will be a bonus day, thanks to PK). Everyone wastes time sometime. Even the most studious, serious, intelligent and disciplined people have a guilty time-wasting pleasure — even if they won’t admit it. [Of course, all RtB fiends readily admit to succumbing to one, or else they wouldn’t be here. :D ] So give it up:

Day 29
Name a mindless activity to which you capitulate every now and then.


8 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge 29

  1. Skylar

    I am a Sims addict. Their little virtual lives are SO much fun to mess with. (With which to mess?) I am working on coming into the possession of The Sims 3. I made sure the computer I purchased had the proper specs to run The Sims 3 in preparation.

    Curious: Why do you get a rotary phone instead of a little Goob face? XD

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I’ve heard so much about Sims over the years — I’d like to check it out, but afraid I’d become addicted. That’s all I need with all the garbage I need to get done this summer!

      Ah yes, the goofy avatars. You know how on some sites, you have to “register” to be able to comment? I don’t have that option checked in the software; I want everyone to be able to comment at a moment’s notice. Therefore, no registration required of you, and no moderation required by me. The downside is that no one but me can choose their own cool picture. :-(


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