30 Day Challenge 12

Day 12
I believe…

…that a lot of relationships are ruined because someone had to prove he/she was right.

…that there are still caring, wonderful people in this world.

…that relentlessly insisting you have your way, in some way, comes back to bite you.

…that asking forgiveness is often easier than asking permission — unless they don’t forgive you.

…that the chances I will find my keys are inversely proportional to the number of places I look first.

Any credo you’d care to share today? If you’re writing, I’m reading.

14 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge 12

  1. PKPudlin

    Pudlin’s law clearly states that if you have 15, you will need one. If you have one, you will need 15. This applies to anything.

    If you have an umbrella, it will not rain. If you don’t, it will. (Related to Pudlin’s law.)

    Most things are designed by someone who would never use it.

    All things come out in the wash. (My grandmother’s rendition of the law of Karma.)

    Like attracts like.

    You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust your sails. Never, never take your hands off the wheel.


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      #1 — too true, unfortunately. Are you spying into my house???

      I like the last quote!

  2. Meg

    Meg believes…

    That everything really does happen for a reason. The struggles we face in our lives occur to shape and mold us into the individuals we are meant to become. Without them we would be heartless, unsympathetic, and unpleasant people (in my opinion).

    There is a God in control.

    Chocolate really has the power to fix things.

    Two people can see/hear the same thing and see/feel something totally different. And your way of seeing/feeling isn’t the “wrong” way, it’s just your way and there’s no need to conform your opinion. I don’t think most people realize that that is okay.

    Your Mama can be your best friend if you let her be.

    And last but not least, I believe that I miss the Fink from time to time and hope to visit with her really soon! :)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Your mama would probably make the best friend ever. I happen to think she (and her daughter) are pretty darn special.

      I saw you yesterday! I was on my way home and you were at the Witch. I didn’t honk because there were other people around, but I said to myself, “I’d recognize that braided hair anywhere!” Love you Meggly. Let’s do another coffee date.

  3. Kodye

    I believe…

    If they really do make The Giver into a movie, it probably won’t be that good.

    That we never really landed on the moon.

    Egyptians were insane for worshiping cats. Yuck.

    I was built by God to live in NYC. I just seem very weird and out of place in smalltown Ohio.

    Karma, in some form or another, is real.

  4. Country Mouse

    I believe…..

    – You can give an opinion without being opinionated.
    – You’ll get much farther in life by being cooperative and pleasant than by being confrontational and nasty.
    – In the power of prayer – but remember that prayers are not always answered in the way we would like.
    – I would rather have a lot of common sense than a high I.Q.
    – That you are never to busy to take the time to do something for someone else.
    – That if you have a problem with something or someone either do something about the situation or be quiet.
    – That everyone should have a job that involves manual labor at least once in their life.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      If I were to guess, I’d say that you spend an awful lot of time dealing with people. LOL

      And judging by all you do for everyone else, you can speak firsthand on #5.


  5. BoomR

    I believe…

    ….you shouldn’t put anything (words, photos, etc.) into electronic communications/online that you want to keep secret or that you don’t want “re-shared.”

    …what goes around, comes around (variation on the karma theme).

    …there are 2 sides to every story, and the actual truth lies somewhere in-between.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      AMEN on #1, babe.

      I saw on the Cleveland news just last night a story about a substitute teacher who was fired from Tuscarawas High School because of a picture on his Facebook profile. The photo was of him, holding two guns (a la The Matrix) crosswise on his chest. Bang. Out of a job. Just like that.

      Think, think, think….

  6. Meg's Mom

    1. I believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect…no matter their age, their intelligence, their wealth, their race, or their beliefs.

    2. I believe there truly is a God who cares about every facet of our lives. That doesn’t mean we won’t have problems. It just means He’s there in the midst of them.

    3. I believe that it’s the tough times in life that mold us into who we are. We can choose to become better…we can choose to become bitter. I hope I’m choosing ‘better’.

    4. I believe that possessions don’t really mean a thing. As long as you have God, a roof over your head, enough food to eat, and people that you love you are incredibly blessed…and I AM BLESSED!


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