30 Day Challenge 17

Day 17
Have you ever had a recurring dream/nightmare? Tell.

Yep, yep, yep. I’m backstage at a live performance. I have the lead role, and I’m in my costume and the show is already underway. The stage manager whispers to me, “OK, you’re on!” Then I turn to him and tell him I’ve never heard of this show before, I don’t know any of the songs or any of the lines or blocking. I don’t know the other cast members. What am I gonna do?! Then my teeth fall out.


16 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge 17

  1. Suzanne

    Garsh Old Milwaukee! Stage angst :)))

    My dreams are usually of the being late kind. When I was teaching I would dream that I was late to school and my kids all came into my bedroom to wake me up. Now it’s dreams of being horribly late to work and it’s dark out and I still have to sort the mail and get it delivered!

    I don’t remember ever having any performance kind of dreams like yours but then I am not a stage diva, I am more of a pit crew kind of gal that makes funny sounds through her trumpet to make the cast laugh in serious parts. Not really, that was trumpet player number 2..really! :)

  2. BoomR

    You know, I’ve had some doozie dreams & nightmares over the 39 years I’ve been on this earth (*cough*), but I can honestly say that I’ve not really had that same sort of recurring nightmare or dream. Or at least that I can recall at this moment.

    Is that good or bad??

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      That means you’re normal. LOL

      PS – thanks for the website suggestions — I’m on it! Love you.

  3. Lori

    Almost the same exact dream as yours except that it’s a dance recital, I smoke a cigarette (which I’ve never done in my life and think is a disgusting habit), THEN my teeth fall out. Weird.

  4. Steve-0

    It’s been a long time since, but when I was in college, the last semester if I recall, I kept having the same panic type dream that I had registered for a math class, then forgot and never went to class. I would wake up in a panic that I was missing this class and wouldn’t graduate…the dream seemed so real!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I too have had dreams where my students called my house because I overslept! We must have some major neuroses, Steve-o. Probably wouldn’t surprise either of us, ja???

  5. RD

    Recently I dreamed that I was to officate a wedding. However, I couldn’t find my suit, shirt and tie, so showed up at the wedding in my PJs. Then, I couldn’t find the wedding ceremony to use, so had to wing it. That was a catastrophe, beginning with the fact that I couldn’t remember than names of the bride and the groom. I don’t remember how the dream ended, but fortunately it did.

  6. Bando

    I have some really weird ones, but none that recur. There are usually some band camp night terrors about a week before when there is still a bunch of drill to get done, though.

  7. Rat Fink Post author

    Isn’t it funny how we all (well, except BoomR, the only normal one!) had/have nightmares about unpreparedness, embarrassment and catastrophe? I know people make a career out of studying this, so the research results are out there. I wonder if it’s as easy as it seems to pinpoint the cause.

    Or maybe we’re the normal ones and BoomR…

  8. Hannah

    During football season especially, I would have dreams that I was at a game, right before the half time show, and I would be asleep on the stands. I would wake up on the stands to have everyone mad at me, then I would wake up and sit up in my bed and realize it was all a dream, and then go back to the same dream. :P

  9. Greg

    I’ve had a dream every so often where I’m back in college and it’s finals week. I’m scheduled for a final at a certain time and keep getting sidetracked while getting there. When I finally arrive, the exam has been moved to a different room and I’m not able to locate the room!

  10. Country Mouse

    I haven’t missed a day yet – so better a day late than never!!!!

    I don’t really remember many of the dreams I have and I’ don’t remember any repeats! Wonder what research would say about that….guess I’m pretty boring in the dream department!

  11. Rat Fink Post author

    HA – I just saw these this morning. CM, you’re the exception — seems like you’ve got it all together, compared to the rest of us froot loops. :P


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