30 Day Challenge 20

Day 20
What is the oldest article of clothing you still wear?

Another easy one. My Thom McAn saddle shoes, bought in 1976. I still wear them to school on occasion!

9 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge 20

  1. Greg

    I still wear a necktie I got over 20 years ago–it’s still in good condition and is in vogue. Even though I got rid of several after retirement, there’s still quite a good-sized collection in my closet!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Have you ever counted them? When I was little, I counted the ties in my dad’s closet — there were something like 70!

  2. Suzanne

    Garsh….I don’t know! Probably a t-shirt or something. I haven’t saved any “vintage” clothing. OK well my band coats from HS and college but I don’t wear them.

    Your shoes are cool, do you wear them with a poodle skirt??? :)

  3. PKPudlin

    I have my grandmother’s charm bracelet, which dates back to the mid 60’s and I inherited on her passing in 1973. I don’t wear it often, but always get remarks when I do because a lot of the charms have ‘working parts’.

    I also have a pair of Birkenstock shoes that I wore when I worked as a nurse – those things wear like iron. I’ve been retired from nursing since 1999, that gives you some idea of how long I’ve had them. I wear them every so often as well.



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