30 Day Challenge 19

Day 19
What activities were you involved in during your high school years?

  1. Choir
  2. Band
  3. Jazz band
  4. Orchestra
  5. Spanish club
  6. Thespians club
  7. Musicals
  8. My last two summers of high school, I worked 3rd shift as a waitress at the L & K Restaurant out by the interstate (it’s now a Denny’s), which, of course, enabled me to acquire¬†this treasure.

Cripes — no wonder I never had time to turn around! OK fiends, spill it.

12 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge 19

  1. Meg's Mom

    Hmmm….here’s what I remember.

    1. Band – including marching band, concert band, and pep band
    2. National Honor Society
    3. Co-editor of the yearbook
    4. Girls State
    5. Statistician for basketball {short-lived experience…it let me sit with my boyfriend (now my hubby) on the bus to the games}
    6. Class President – did that once – that was enough
    7. Student Council Rep

    I also spent one summer being the world’s WORST waitress at Asher’s Drive Inn (now Cat’s Restaurant).

  2. Country Mouse

    1. Band – marching, concert, pep band
    2. Yearbook staff (with our first year advisor the current Mary Teglovic – I know she has many fond memories of that experience!?!?!?)
    3. Girl’s State
    4. Helped out the music parents (of which my parents were officers) with many projects…..hmmmmm…..was that a start of something!?!?

  3. Helen

    1. Band – Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble
    2. Debate Club
    3. National Forensics League
    4. National Honor Society
    5. Student Council
    6. French Club
    7. Science Club
    8. University Interscholastic League Academic Teams – Cross Examination Debate, Lincoln Douglass Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking, Current Events & Issues, and Spelling and Vocabulary

    And because I had the original “Tiger mother and father,” I held office in every one of them LOL!

  4. BoomR

    1. Marching band (fall)
    2. Symphonic band (winter/spring)
    3. Jazz band
    4. Golf team
    5. Yearbook (photographer & some design/layout)
    6. Solo/ensemble contests
    7. All-State Orchestra (all 3 years)
    8. Various band festivals
    9. Church youth group
    10. BYC Music Team (summer of my sr. yr)
    11. Variety Show (our HS did these in lieu of musicals) featuring jazz band & show choir + misc novelty acts.

  5. Suzanne

    Fink that car is awesome!!!!!!! I bet it could tell some stories. I got to drive a Chevy Malibu and/or the Suburban…..also some stories to be told. :)

    High School adventures for me inlude:

    1. Band–pep, concert, marching, jazz, pit crew, attended Band Day at CMU every year, always got straight Is at Festival, were selected to be a feature band at Midwest in Ann Arbor in 1977, won the John Philip Sousa award in ’77
    2. Choir–always got straights Is at festival
    3. Madrigals-ditto
    4. JV basketball my jr year, was asked to play V my Sr. year but I opted not to so I could dedicate my time to the musical groups I was in. Add this to my “regret” post.
    5. Senior play: I was some woman in some play, garsh I can’t even remember what it was!
    6. Sang a solo at festival senior year and got a II.
    7. Participated in talent show in some capacity every year.
    8. Youth group at church.
    9. Was onstage freshman year –was another woman in Brigadoon. I play good women. HAAAA

  6. PKPudlin

    Band, School Chorus, Girls Chamber Chorus, Sorrellas (Girls’ service org), Russian club (DON’T ASK), School newspaper, church choir, church youth group, Sunday School. I worked as a Candy Striper at the local hospital, arriving at 5:30 to be on the Bed-and-bath team, left at 8:30 to get to class, then worked after school at a cafeteria from 4:30 to 9:00. Took private organ lessons and piano lessons, which I paid for myself. Did not have a car; went everywhere on my bike. Also took a special class in my Senior year to get my Nurses’ Aide certification, so towards the end of the year I was making a bit more money as a NA (versus Candy Striper, which was volunteer).

    Whew. No wonder I’m so tired in my dotage….

  7. Meg

    Fink, you already know all this but what the heck :)

    1. Choir/Black & Gold
    2. Marching/Pep/Concert band – 2 years
    3. Theater – since 6th grade, Oklahoma?
    4. Volleyball
    5. Weightlifting team
    6. Softball
    7. Youth Grant Making Council
    8. Student council member/Vice Pres.
    9. SADD (Student Against Destructive Decisions)
    10. NHS
    11. Church praise team/choir
    12. Work: Office gofer at a car lot, physical therapy volunter at two rehab clinics

  8. Greg

    Not much!
    1. Journalism photographer
    2. National Thespian Society
    3. Football manager (believe THAT or NOT!)

  9. Kodye

    1.) Band
    2.) Choir
    3.) Musicals… lots and lots and lots of em.
    4.) Power lifiting
    5.) Being Awesome. (I tried to get the school board to let me teach this as a class, but they just weren’t down for it. Probably scared of having a school with waaaaaay to many people being awesome)

  10. RD

    1. Basketball
    2. Baseball
    3. Track
    4. Band — every year but senior; clarinet and alto sax
    5. An actor in the Junior – Senior class play. Senior class treasurer.
    6. All kinds of church activities, including church youth group. My last two years of high school I taught the young married S.S. class! In retrospect, I find this hilarious. They were desperate for a teacher.
    7. Part- time job at a country grocery store owned by a widow lady. I went in early mornings on my way to school to stoke the furnace. Worked after school and all day Saturdays stocking shelves, waiting on customers, working check out. janitor. etc.
    8. Worked part-time my junior and senior years at a local custom butchering business that brought animals in alive, slaughtered and processed them so that they went out the door in frozen packets of properly cut and labled pieces. Made tons of ground beef. Also cleaned up the mess at the end of each day’s work. Worked here after school and after basketball practice. My first day on the job I had to clean up after they had their largest hog kill ever. I won’t attempt to describe that; besides, you need the smell for the full affect. Worked full time two summers at this establishment until I went off to college. My parents were financially unable to contribute to my college education, so I knew that I had to save as much money as possible. This is probably more information than you asked for but….

  11. Rat Fink Post author

    Whoa — and I thought I was busy in high school! And look what all I learnt about all of you. Musicians, athletes, scholars (with tiger parents LOL), nurse aides, waitresses, “gofers,” slaughterhouse workers…all while going to school. Weren’t we awesome? And we didn’t even have to take Kody’s class. :-)

  12. Skylar

    1. Academic Challenge
    2. Choir
    3. Band
    4. Stage Crew

    The last two only since sophomore year, unfortunately. I loved them. :)


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