30 Day Challenge 4

OK, this one’s going to be crazy.

Day 4
Name 3 things that annoy you beyond all description.

[But you still have to describe them. :P]

My question is: Which three to pick? There are **so many**. Some days, I think, “I haven’t a thing in the world to complain about; I’m blessed with a great family, wonderful friends, a good job. I shouldn’t squawk.” Then this week happened, and all bets are off. So…

I am annoyed by:

  1. Motorcyclists who feel it’s their mission to drive past my house on a summer day and wait until they’re in front of my door to blast their gee-I’m-a-rebel-cuz-I-like-Seger-and-Springsteen after-market exhaust pipes, so it sounds like there’s a jackhammer in my living room. Honestly, I think violent, homicidal thoughts. OK, Do-Rag-Under-the-Pickelhaube. How about I wait outside on the tree lawn with a six-foot pipe, about 3 inches in diameter. You come back around, and I’ll just aim for your spokes. (And that’s one of my least violent thoughts.) *kABLaM*
  2. People who let their children run around screaming like yard apes at a theater or restaurant (or, ahem, my concerts) without any supervision or control. They (the parents) either think it’s cute, or they’re completely oblivious to — or thoughtlessly inconsiderate of — everything and everyone around them. BOOT to the head.
  3. Nutjob drivers who dart in and out of traffic, cutting people off while trying to pass everyone during an accident back-up, only to expect to be let in at the front of the line when they run out of real estate. *bANg*

You know why I limited it to three, right? I could list these bad boys all night and into tomorrow and beyond.

All right, fiends. Let fly. We’re allowed to snark this one time.

20 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge 4

  1. Suzanne

    OK! Yours are very good and high on the snark-o-meter. Here are mine.

    1) People who never learned how to use a tissue and blow their nose when they have a cold or are just coming in from the cold. *sniff*…..*sniff* *sniiiiiiiiiiiff** #&$#*&*!!! Drives me nuts!!! I guess I could just make this a general snark and say anyone making any noise that I deem unnecessary — chewing and cracking gum, breathing louder than is normal, whistling (usually off-key) loudly……..

    2) People who are too ignorant to use their turn indicators on their car. Lately it seems to be morons who are talking on their phones and are too distracted. Here in Holland this snark also applies to bicyclists.

    3) People who invade my space. Do NOT stand right behind me breathing down my neck while we are waiting in line or you are waiting for your mail, or look over my shoulder while I am working…just don’t.

    Those are mine. Like you I could go on and on. One day’s list is different than the other. But it’s fun to snark about it here where I know there will be other snarks to read.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      WHISTLERS!!! Aaaaarg! And close talkers/standers. Do you find that Europeans are less “aware” or concerned about that than Americans?

      When I was in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France, I was struck by how uninhibited people were on public transportation. Nobody felt at all weird about standing on the bus, pressing their bodies up against each other (and me, ick). Total strangers doing this.

      And you see footage of soccer games and other public events in town squares, etc., especially in the Middle East, where people are literally back-to-butt! Eewwww! I guess it’s my ooky American “personal space” thing.

  2. PKPudlin

    This one is easy.
    1. Speakers that take up so much room in the car that there isn’t any room for anyone but the driver. Then said driver has them cranked up to the max driving down the street – of course the bass is on maximum so you hear them coming for blocks and after they go by, you have to have your pacemaker reset. This is especially annoying if you are anywhere near them at a red light. My solution: A recording of the last movement of the 1812 Overture (with cannon, of course) on a jump drive so I can plug it in, crank up my own puny speakers and give them a taste.

    2. People who push strollers without any kids in them. The kids are running about (see Fink List, #2) or even pushing the strollers themselves, willy-nilly down the mall. Parents, of course, are oblivious, talking on the phone or window shopping. The strollers are used like battering-rams to get through crowds and others standing in line, and if you are unfortunate enough to be in their way, will hit you so hard you need stitches in your ankles.

    3. Shopping with my husband. If he doesn’t have anything to look at, or if he is in a hurry, or is bored or annoyed that I wanted to stop and shop at this particular store, he will stand so close to me that I can’t move. He’s worse than my golden retriever, who thinks she will fit in my back pocket. Then anything I pick up for closer inspection, he asks ‘What are you going to do with that?’ or ‘And you need that for…..?’ This is similar to Suzanne’s #3, but worse because he’s not a complete stranger. Any more I make him wait in the car, or send him on errands – “Instead of crawling up my nose, why don’t you see if you can find me a decent recording of the 1812 Overture??” This seems to help. Sometimes.

    Thoroughly enjoying this audience-participation issue of the Fink.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      PK, you krak me up. Do you happen to have the Cincinnati (Erich Kunzel) version of 1812? With the digital cannons and the warning label on the CD that it could blow your speakers? I get a kick out of jacking up the volume on my classroom stereo and playing it for my music history class every year.

      And I’ll say again that the comments are what keep this thing going. It’s been said about people like me that “never have so many written so much that is read by so few.” LOL. I don’t care, as long as you guys keep coming back to talk to me. :-)

  3. Greg

    1) Motorists who pull out in front of me like they’re racing for their lives and then proceed slowly along as though they have all the time in the world. By the way, these are also the SAME people who make tediously slow turns as though they’re piloting a freighter!!
    2) People in buffet lines who get something on their fingers, lick them off and proceed to pick up the next serving utensil for more food! Finger lickers put their cooties all over the place!!
    3) There’s a particular song that is in our hymnal at church that I cannot stand. Our contemporary worship group plays it often(too often!!!) It’s based on some silly obscure Hawaiian tune and has the most banal lyrics! Almost had to play it myself this coming weekend–not going to happen and already advised the liturgical planner!!

    1. PKPudlin

      Amen, brother. Nothing is so musically banal or insipid as Contemporary Christian Music. On top of that, the ‘artists’ expect to get lots of $$, fame and recognition for their ‘work’. What’s ‘Christian’ about that??? JSB put ‘SDG’ on all his pieces and didn’t get a dime. His work outshines the contemporary people like the sun outshines a flashlight.

  4. Kodye

    1.) People who think they’re really funny, so they have their private conversation at a really loud level because they think people want to hear what they’re saying, or might possibly laugh at it. But no one ever does.
    2.) When people tell me “you know wrestling is fake right?” Every show on TV is fake. Most reality shows are more fake than wrestling.
    3.) When people call Meijer, “Meijer’s” There’s no “s”. It’s not possessive, or plural. It’s just Meijer.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      #1 really gets me as well. Along those same lines: People who talk too loud in a restaurant. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to turn around and say, “Dude. Tone it down. Everyone in the place knows about your gall bladder surgery.”

  5. Country Mouse

    1. People who have kids but don’t bother to be a parent. Parenting is a 24 hour a day/7 day a week job and some people just don’t get that! Also some parents start the job but then stop way too soon. There are way too many families out there that I would like to ask them exactly who is in charge!?! On the other had it is equally annoying that there are those parents who forget that you gradually need to let your kids grow up!
    2. People who have lots of ideas and suggestions about how things should be done, or projects that need doing, or a better way to do things but are unwilling to actually roll up their sleeves and get the job done.
    3. People who get so passionate about something (for or against) that they can’t have an open mind about any other point of view.

    Gosh all my annoyances seem to be about people….this will make Rat Fink puke…but that is why I like this quote….”the more I work with people the more I like my cat”.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Gee….you haven’t had any experience with #2 and #3, have ya? HA

      And I will sit here calmly (and grit my buck teeth) while you love your cat. :P

  6. Meg

    1. If you’re gonna wear a shirt, wear one that fits. Nobody wants to see chest or butt cleavage.
    2. If you’re gonna wear black dress pants, wear black socks. Short, white ones just don’t cut it. (sound familiar? ha)
    3. If you’re gonna eat, eat with your mouth closed. If you’re gonna sing, sing with your mouth open.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yay for more supporters of the movement against 2S2S (Two Sizes Too Small).

      Hey, you’re about done with your first year — yippy skippy!!

  7. BoomR

    1. I echo Country Mouse on #1 – people who function as sperm donors & egg incubators, but FAIL when it comes to raising their children & parenting. I was SOOO tempted time & time again (when talking with the parents of trouble students) to say, “Wait a minute – are you the PARENT, or are you just the adult that lives in the same house??” Sheesh!!

    2. PK Puddin’ also cited one of mine: People who have massive car stereo systems & blast them so loud that MY car next to them at a stop light/sign vibrates, too. I want to lean out the window & yell at them: “Do you REALLY think that other people want to listen to your CRAP???”

    3. People (esp. in high-end cars) who talk on the cell phone while driving & they’re not using a hands-free system. I wish I had a nickel for every time someone in a Lexus, Beemer, etc. has been holding a cell-phone up to their left ear & are yammering away while trying to move from the right-hand lane into center or left lane & they end up nearly taking me out! And I hate to say it, but in Dallas-area, my experience has OVERWHELMINGLY been women drivers. I’m just sayin’….

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I can always tell it’s baseball season when one kid parks across from my classroom, starts the bass boom and leaves his car doors open so all can enjoy it. It’s just so impressive…and so….so….1996.

  8. Rae

    1. I agree with Greg on his number one. That is the most IRRITATING thing when people pull out in front of you at 15 miles an hour to go down a 35 mile an hour strip… only to reach 20 or 25. Like it’s their goal in life to be one car length ahead of other people at the next stop light. It probably means I should be more patient… but, I would be more patient if other people followed the rules. I think there should be a Max-Min sign on every road. Max 35 MPH, Min 34 MPH…

    2. Chirping birds. I don’t mind the occasional ::chirp::… I just have a problem with a whole wall of caged birds in someone’s home. Like… the lady in #1104.

    3. Musicians who dub their tracks. I’m all for a little help… (Lord knows I need it)… but if a hootey-tootey trumpet player is gonna stand up to the press and claim he’s the “best in the world”… then, maybe he should prove it with a live recording I sat in a room with Allen Vizzuti, after he played for 8 or 9 hours straight, and some idiot stands up during Q & A and says “Can you play Carnival of Venus (not Venice) for us?” Everyone in the room groans. He takes in a deep breath, sighs… and plays it flawlessly. If you can’t do that, you probably shouldn’t claim you’re the best. Especially if you leave no chips or mistakes on a recording. Listen to Miles Davis once and a while. If you can’t do all of that, then shut up.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      These all made me laugh. And if you read it again, you’ll notice that your items get increasingly angry. HAAA

      My students know that I can start off on an issue trying to be calm, but two minutes later I’m ranting like a loon. Best advice for bad drivers, chirping birds and lazy trumpet players: don’t get Rae started. LOL

  9. Skylar

    1) Books that are mangled for their film “adaptation.” Blood and Chocolate is a good example. It’s nothing like the book. If the book was good, why mess with it?

    2) Parents/teachers/leadership figures who say they don’t “play favorites.” Yes they do. It’s natural for people to show preference. Just because it isn’t a conscious action doesn’t mean that figure doesn’t have favorites, and it’s pointless to deny that.

    3) People chewing with open mouths. I was conditioned by my father. Now the sound of open-mouthed chewing is like nails on a chalkboard. It’s just… gross. :/

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Good points — especially the “mouths open” thing. People should be forced to look in a mirror and watch themselves eat.

      Regarding #2: To me, there is a difference between “showing preference” and “playing favorites.” The former is to like some people more than others in an educational setting, and the latter is to doctor grades or grant special favors.

      I am guilty of the first, but not the second. Truthfully, and I think this is where you were going with your comment, it’s natural for people to like those who are pleasant, and distance themselves from those who are not.

      You will find — especially if you end up teaching high school — that students might accuse you of playing favorites, when in fact, you are simply responding positively to being treated with kindness and friendliness. I’ve had students accuse me (not to my face, but to others) of favoring one group or one student over another — and the accusers have never so much as said “good morning” to me in five years.

      Still, I will not give them a lower grade or deny them opportunities simply because they ignore me and haven’t a single pleasant word to say, and act as if they’ve never been socially aware in their lives, or have been raised in cages. If they do the work, they get the grade. Regarding solos — those are more subjective.

      I’m somewhere in between a coach playing her best varsity players, and spreading the wealth so all can have a chance. There’s a compromise in there somewhere, and I try to maintain it.

      Bottom line: I have enjoyed having you as a student! We always have great (albeit short, which is fine — you’re busy!) conversations, and I love to see what you’ve written. I expect great things from you, Miss Skylar!

      1. Skylar

        I hope this didn’t sound like a personal attack – that isn’t how I meant it. I like your distinction between preference and favoritism. I put them all in the same category, mostly because I have never honestly considered a teacher was capable of doctoring grades around here. I think our teachers have a little more maturity and respect than that. I commend you for working toward that compromise. It can’t be easy.

        Thank you for your encouragement! I’ve enjoyed being your student (or I wouldn’t have done it willingly for thirteen years), and I hope I don’t disappoint you. :)


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