30 Day Challenge 5

Day 5
Tell a few things about yourself that very few people know.

[Of course, please omit felonies.]

  1. Not really about me per se, but my father wrote a song called “Loser’s Lounge.” In 1970, Ringo Starr recorded it. Forty-one years later, Daddy still gets royalty checks from the publisher.
  2. I almost majored in English ed. instead of music ed.
  3. In 2006, I wrote a book under a pseudonym.

All right: True Confession time. Let’s hear it!

14 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge 5

  1. Country Mouse

    Ok….I’ll be the first to confess!!

    1. I played the drums in a dance band for several years in the 80’s and 90’s. My Dad was playing in a group and their drummer retired so I took his place. It was a lot of fun and a great experience. My Dad and Uncle both played in dance bands for over 25 years having both started when they were in their teens.
    2. I have an associates degree in Crop Production from The Ohio State University – Agricultural Technical Institute.
    3. As a child I was very, very shy and have hung on to many of those tendencies. I have learned to step outside of my comfort zone over the years but if I didn’t work on it I could very easily slip back into my shy mode. Truth be told I am more comfortable speaking to a whole group of people then engaging in one on one conversation. I rarely confide in people because that would be revealing way too much of myself! That is why I hate to talk on the phone but love to email!!! That is also probably why one of my closest friends is my “email friend”.

  2. Kodye

    1.) I’m a 23 year old caucasian male who loves The Isley Brothers, Parliament, and Al Green.
    2.) I do stand up sometimes. And I got booed for making a joke about Japan.
    3.) I’ve never seen The Godfather.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      #1 – I knew I liked you.
      #2 – Well just be glad you weren’t the voice of the Aflac duck.
      #3 – We have got to do something about that, luv…

  3. Meg

    1. If you connect the freckles on my right forearm you create the big dipper (or little?).
    2. I eat a bowl of cereal before bed nearly every night. It is a terrible habit I have inherited from my Mama.
    3. I am deaf.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Meggly, have there been any developments with your hearing? Are you doctoring still?

      1. Meg

        Fink, thankfully no. I haven’t had any addition issues with my hearing (fingers crossed). Thank you for asking! :)

  4. Suzanne

    1) I survived a tornado when I was 12 or 13. Got caught it while riding my bike home. I don’t like windstorms much since then.

    2) I almost played French Horn but changed to trumpet. Dad was happy.

    3) I don’t like fresh peas or tomatoes. I do like pea soup and tomato sauce and soup.

    Fink, totally cool about your dad and Ringo!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      A tornado on your bike! How far were you from home? I don’t think anyone is the same after surviving (or even seeing up-close) a tornado. And I *love love* split pea soup! Weird for a hugely picky eater like meself.

      I was blown away when Daddy told me about the Ringo song. I heard it; it’s this old honky-tonk country gem with goofy “punny” lyrics. Love it — and him!

  5. BoomR

    Sorry luv…I meant to do this one yesterday, but the day just got away from me!

    1. (You know this one, but every one else on RtB doesn’t) The gran diva RatFink & I cam DANGEROUSLY close to appearing/singing on Jim & Tammy Bakker’s PTL Club TV show.

    2. When I lived on Maui, I played in a country/western band and sang a Randy Travis song in front of Randy Travis & his brother (we were on a float in the rodeo parade & Randy was on horseback & the next unit in the parade after us).

    3. I ride a 1998 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 with loud pipes :-) – and I was a pin-up boy in all my motorcycle leathers sitting on my motorcycle. The calendar was a fundraising project for a local charity. Sponsors thought they’d be lucky to sell the initial print run of the calendar & ended up reprinting 3 times!! Good news for the charity! (I was June 2005)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      #1 — LOL! And we lived to tell the tale! Can I just say I’m glad that never materialized??? :P
      #3 — Well if your noisy pipes got you a foldout on the pinup calendar! PHOTOZZZZ!!

  6. Meg's Mom

    Once again I’m a little late but here goes:

    1. I’ve flown over Mt. McKinley in a lil’ bitty airplane. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life and worth every penny!

    2. I was baptized in the Jordan River…yep, THE Jordan River.

    3. I have a swimming pool in my backyard yet can barely swim. What a loser!

  7. Skylar

    1) I have slight social anxiety disorder. It’s the reason I was held back a year in pre-school and actually causes physical symptoms on occasion. I’m hoping that going to a large school will help me break it.

    2) I’m not sure if sharing religious views is a good idea, but something I haven’t shared with many people is my recent re-evaluation of my beliefs. I think I fall into fallibilism; though I still believe a higher power exists in some form, I don’t believe any one religion is correct.

    3) My greatest fear is becoming addicted to any substance because it’s a habit that runs in my family.

    Wow. Mine is kind of depressing (and late). XD


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