30 Day Challenge 6

Day 6
In your opinion, what is one of the most useful mechanical/electrical inventions of the last 150 years?

This one should get some interesting answers, given the many areas of human existence machines of all kinds have improved. I’m going to go with the ” in the home” category, and say that the most valuable invention is the automatic clothes washer.

Can you imagine the alternative? (And on the division-of-household-tasks list, doing laundry isn’t even my job.)

12 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge 6

  1. Country Mouse

    This one is highly personal – the pediatric ventilator. Without it my oldest son might not be alive today and we wouldn’t be celebrating his 21st birthday tomorrow!!!

  2. BoomR

    I would definitely say the invention of the “personal” computer… not only for our own personal productivity, but all the adjacent devices & technologies that have come about as a result :D

  3. Steve-0

    Considering how much all of our lives are completely reliant on it on a daily basis, I must go with the non-sexy pick of electricity. Could you imagine our lives with out it??

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Steve-o!! Welcome!

      Electricity may be the non-sexy choice, but we dang sure wouldn’t be sitting here having this fun little challenge without it. I can’t imagine a lightless world!

  4. Kodye

    The internet. Without it, I would have to go all the way to Japan to listen to Japanese-Horror-Punk. My favorite sub-genre of punk.

  5. Rae

    I’d hate to say it, because there are times that I wish I weren’t THAT connected… but cell phones. I didn’t have one for a long time and when I finally got one, I rarely used it. But, then when everyone goes their separate ways in life and you really just want to hear their voice… the free long distance and instant-anywhere feeling is great.

  6. Suzanne

    I have to go with the computer! Lots of things came to mind — refrigerator, washer and dryer, stoves, ovens. telephone. But for me the computer has had the biggest impact on my life.

  7. Kay

    I am many days behind. :)
    I am stretching your 150 years a little, but I think photographic process is the most amazing invention. With this we can capture the slightest and greatest moments of our lives and preserve the image to share with the present world and the invisible future. When I gaze at photos from a century long ago I get all jiggly inside as if a portion of my self is transported to another time.

  8. PKPudlin

    I’m going to go with the coffee pot.

    I have worked in many hospitals that occasionally had nursing students come through the newborn nursery. It was cool to see fresh faces with their neat little uniforms and pockets full of ‘nursing stuff’, all shiny and new. My favorite thing to ask them was ‘What is the most important piece of equipment in the hospital?’ Their answers were thoughtful, but conventional and ranged from ‘The heart monitor’ to ‘your hands’, but that wasn’t where I was going.

    My answer was The Coffee Pot, because one has to take care of oneself before one can take care of others.

    One of the nursing instructors liked it so much, she put it on their final exam.



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