A new start…

…in many ways.

After waiting at the entrance of Grant Hospital for nearly half an hour while they found someone to transport Mavis from the 6th floor to the door, we made our way home last night, finally. I dropped her off at her house, where her family waited for her in the driveway as we pulled up. I’m sure it was a good homecoming (I left them to their reunion and went on home).

Hence, out of darkness comes light. Not only is Mavis embarking on a new, healthier life, we both learned a lot over the last week. Great stuff happened all around us, in spite of the near-death experience she suffered. It’s really not a cliché: sometimes it takes a tragedy to start things going in the right direction again. And lemmetellya, this was about as close to a tragedy as I’ve ever come in my life without actually losing the family member altogether. All is well, and I am forever grateful.

So last night, I got home from this incredible week, watched the Indians lose, caught up on some email, read awhile, then hit the hay at 11:30…only to wake up with a sore throat, achy bod and head feelin’ like it wants ta buss open.  Amazing, ja??

Cripes. I just hope it goes away by tonight, in time for the Js sleepover. Anyway, happy holiday to all! (Except for Suzanne, of course — hope you’re still doing something fun!)

8 thoughts on “A new start…

  1. Country Mouse

    Glad to hear Mavis got home. Hoping and praying her start on a new and healthier lifestyle goes well. I know you’ll be right there with every step of a way. Here’s to new starts and new directions!!

  2. Mavis

    I wanted to thank all of the RtB readers for their prayers, positive thoughts and well wishes! It really means the world to me and my family. I have a long, and sometimes difficult recovery road ahead, but I will come out the victor in the end!

    Bird, you know what you mean to me. Thank you with all my heart that you kept everyone informed on my progress! I love you….

    1. BoomR

      YAAAAY Mavis!!! Good to hear from you!!! Glad you made it home!!! Best wishes for speedy recovery and much success on all the new beginnings! We’re all praying & pulling for ya!!!


  3. RD

    A welcome home to Mavis. Prayers of thanksgiving to the Lord that she’s been given a new start and continuing prayers for her in the journey it entails. And, dangit, RF, sorry you were feeling punk this a.m. Hope you’re doing better by now so you can really enjoy your time with the Js.

  4. Suzanne

    Glad to read that Mavis is home! There’s no place like it :)

    No holiday here but I do have the day off! And tomorrow and the next day! Chevy and I are enjoying a quiet morning, H has day shift so he was out the door early. Been goofing off on the computer guess I should grab me some breakfast!

    Have a good Labor-less day gurlie!! XOXOXO


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