…but happy.

It’s been a great seven days, actually, with Mavis feeling better (and finally feeling good enough to get back to posting at RtB!), and some other things at school falling into place. It makes the fact that my throat feels like it’s gone through a shredder seem less miserable.

Kinda. HA

Hot lemonade: now that’s a great remedy! It gave me some relief from the pain (along with copious doses of Day/NyQuil) while I watched my two Sunday night staples: True Blood, followed by Breaking Bad.

I was also amused by the first 6 episodes of Dark Shadows, which we used to watch every day after elementary school. You know, with vampires, witches, warlocks, ghosts and whatnot, I am shocked all these many decades later to realize that Mother actually let us watch DS. And Bewitched, too. They were so dead-set against anything that might remotely deal with occultism or mysticism (even in a funny or ridiculous way, as in Bewitched and DS, respectively). Hm. Anyway…

I’m going into the school house today, because I’m awesome (stupid) like that. Gotta get stuff ready, for rehearsals start Wednesday. Then it’s off to Mavis’s house for tea.

TTFN. Ta Ta For Now.   :-p


PS – Can’t wait for this. (But where’s Timothy Spall? Sheesh.)

4 thoughts on “Draggin’…

  1. PKPudlin

    Hey, girlie. I recommend ‘Throat Coat’ herbal tea- has anice and other nature-type-tree-hugger stuff in it, but boy does it work. The taste is a little hard to take but you can put some honey in it if you want Made by a company called Traditional Medicinals.
    All my singers have a box in their kitchen – it’s mandatory!!

    Hugs and hope you feel better soon.


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Anise aaaaaaaaaaaaack…I’d have to wear a clothespin! I’ve heard about the stuff, and that it definitely does work. I’m afraid I’d gag it all back up though, thereby negating its tree-hugging benefits. :P


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