Basket case

It’s definitely been said about me.

Do you feel sometimes that you’re running around in a tight circle, considering everything that needs done, but actually doing none of it? Once I said something like, “I hate it that I am a big-picture thinker, taking on a huge project and not seeing how to break it down into little parts.” Someone here agreed with me, saying he/she was the same way, but I can’t remember who. BoomR? Suzanne? Anyway, it’s shaping up to be one of those weeks.

The Fink is keen to know how you compartmentalize. I’m certain part of it — “it” being the ability to divide and subdivide tasks into more manageable bites — is innate, and other parts can be learned behaviors; I just haven’t learned the behavior yet.

I’ve heard of systems whereby people put project parts in baskets, labeled something like:

  1. Has to Be Done in the Next ____ Hours
  2. Can Wait Till Next Week
  3. Can Wait Indefinitely or Until I Get a Chance

That’s fine and good. But what happens if everything is #1? I know, I know. Don’t procrastinate. I’m going to start not procrastinating. Tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Basket case

  1. Mavis

    Lists. Lists are the key. I’ve made lists for you. I’ve made lists all of my life. I think I even made you a list once to remind you to make lists. I can see you need more training. I’ll put it on my list…. :-)

    1. Country Mouse

      Glad you are home and feeling better!!!! Take good care of yourself – you are well worth it!!!! Hugz to you…..

  2. BoomR

    Making that list, then going back & categorizing each item as you indicated is a very common methodology. If you know anything about the whole “7 Habits…” stuff, that’s something that they’re real keen on.

    As for me, I’ll make my list tomorrow, too :D

  3. Country Mouse

    I agree with Mavis – lists are a must! Procrastination does tend to make the “immediate to-do list” seem a bit overwhelming though!!! Delegating part of the list can be helpful but as you know I really wouldn’t know much about that!!! Bottom line – I usually just take on a big project the same way one would eat an elephant – one bite at a time! For me sometimes the worst part is getting started but once I get started then get out of my way because I am going to get it done!!!

  4. Rat Fink Post author

    OK, OK — lists it is! I will make one up — tomorrow.

    Seriously, I know I have to. I want to be unstoppable! Right now I just feel et up. Blah…but I will bounce back and come out swingin’, with LISTS!!

    1. Make list

  5. Meg's Mom

    OK, I’m a day late…and probably a dollar short…but here goes:

    I am a list maker as well and accomplish MUCH more when I do make one. They make me just FEEL more organized and…thus I am! The deal with lists for me, though, is the joy of marking something off of it. SO…when I make a list or attack a day’s jobs I do a simple, easy-to-accomplish tasks first…check it off…another easy job…check it off. Then I can go into the BIG jobs already having achieved a sense of accomplishment and able to fully focus on the MONSTER job.


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