Bon Voy-ah-gee

And away we go, here in a bit. (Coffee first, of course.)

Stay tuned, fiends. I heart you, and thanks for being so sweet for reading. I’ll have some pictures for you, hopefully every day.

It’s now 5:15 a.m., and time to shut this down, brush fangs, unplug everything and get on the road.

Arrivederci! Nasvidenje! Tot ziens! Au revoir! XO!

Fink (and the Thriller) out.

4 thoughts on “Bon Voy-ah-gee

  1. Meg

    Have a splendid trip, friends! Enjoy! :)
    And congrats to the Thriller for finishing seminary! *sings”Celebration”*

  2. BoomR

    Poor Thriller – you forgot to put a white glove in the seat next to you in the car pic!! :-) LOL Safe travels, luv – can’t wait to see you both! Plenty of DD coffee, cream, and oodles of Splenda (amongst other things) await you in The Big D!!!

  3. Lori

    Have a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to see pictures! (And I still wish I could be a little bug on the wall in Dallas!)


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