Good morning from beautiful Fulton, MS. I hope all my luvs up in the Midwest are not suffering any damage from last night’s storms. Seamus posted a picture from his truck route this morning, and it showed washed out, flooded roads. I hope you’re all doing fine!

Long, long, long drive yesterday, but it was worth it, because Daddy and Kathy were on the other end. Nineteen miles from Tupelo (Elvis’s birthplace, and Daddy’s as well) is the little town of Fulton; delightful little hamlet.

Sorry if the large version is upside down. Gotta give the Thriller a tutorial on how to hold the phone, haha

We had a delicious steak dinner, then went back to Daddy’s and chatted (and of course, I got to hear him play a new instrument — an old 1970 Fender steel guitar  – awesome).

Afterwards, we stopped at his body shop, where he revealed his newest toy: a 2003 Indian motorcycle. He revved the engine and the Fink about had an infarction. They laughed while I tried to recover.

We’ll go out for coffee this morning, then back on the road. This vacation thing? I like it. :-)

6 thoughts on “Mississippi

  1. David

    I am not sure which is cooler…the 1970 Fender or the 2003 Indian, what is not in question is that neither can compare to the Father and Daughter pic!
    Continued blessings to you and The Thiller as you hit it once again!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You would have flipped to see that bike! And hear it, yikes haha

      Thank you, my friend — it was a wonderful visit and they are great people!


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