Modest accommodations

We stopped in Tunica last night for a little gambling fun, and checked into the hotel early. I don’t know if it’s because they took one look and felt sorry for us, wilting in the 100+ degree heat, or if we looked important in our t-shirts and jeans, or if we just looked like we needed a lift, but we got this suite at Harrah’s:



And the best part? Since the Thriller is a cardholder at all Caesar’s properties (Caesar’s Palace, Harrah’s, Horseshoe), he got it for nothin’. How about that?

I’ll bet some of you would have loved theĀ Jacuzzi. (We aren’t fans; he says, “What’s the point? Get in the shower and get out.” I am grossed out by them…all that body bacteria swimming around…yummy. That, and after about 5 minutes in one, I feel woozy.)

Me? I’m looking forward to hogging that marbleĀ double shower all to myself. :-D

And for today: we’re bound for the Big D, and meeting up at BoomR and BluVox’s house for some crazy shenanigans, a recording and a gig. Wahoo!

I’ll check in tomorrow morning with more photos. Hugs to all my fiends.


3 thoughts on “Modest accommodations

  1. Mavis

    WOW! You guys are livin’ it up! I’m with you on that Jacuzzi thing. Eww. That shower sure looks glorious, though!

    You guys have a great time at BoomR’s!!


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