Today’s boot goes to: ME

“I’m going to go to bed an hour early. I’m exhausted.”

So what happens at 4:00 this morning, like the tides and the sunset and taxes? Criminetly. Let’s enjoy that 18-hour day today.

No matter. Tonight will be fun (I hope). Pit will be there for the first time, and the cast are improving on their energy, wardrobe changes, and in general, not wanting to run away screaming. This will be worth their aggravation. This will be worth their aggravation. This will be worth…

But as for me? BOOT to the head.

3 thoughts on “BTTH XIV

  1. Rae

    Yipe. Sounds like a long day to me.

    Not to compete, but I paper folded over 1,000 shirts yesterday with 8 1/2 – 14 computer paper. Feels like I woke up at 4 am yesterday and got run over 6 or 7 million times.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Whoa! 1,000 shirts…sounds like purgatory! And hey, I just thought about you today as I schlepped it to the car in the dark to leave for school. You doing ok? We must have a tea party when this show is over, and before you take off…

      1. Rae

        I think of you too when I’m in the kitchen with my light on making coffee. I always wonder if you can see the light on over there. But, don’t be alarmed if you see it at 4am — there’s a messed up switch. So. It’ll stay on alllll night tonight. It’s almost like there’s someone cleaning dishes in there all night. Almost.


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