Cool TV IV

I have to get back to watching Boston Legal. <– Check out the autoplay video about the next episode. Awesome. Remember Annie Potts from the old Designing Women series? She’s the evil sister in the clip — a couple of facelifts later.

TRO had this on his blog last night:

Heh. Vintage Denny. I don’t know why I stopped watching it. I like James Spader. He’s definitely changed, though (as we all do, and since I’m a year older than he, it’s probably a year truer in my case).

So yeah, I like him — but I used to *love* him. He was dreamy. Especially in his Sex, Lies & Videotape and Stargate days.

I know…we all get older. I’m still trying to convince myself of it. But can you blame a girl for missing the old James?

Have a good Thursday – tomorrow’s Finkday, yippy. Almost the weekend.

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