Do NOT go here X

ZergNet makes me mad. One minute, it’s 6:15 a.m. (yay, it’s my first day of “spring break” and I slept in), the next — it’s 7:30.

Time to go attempt to be productive today. I admit I have spent the last hour marinating in useless celebrity gawking. Terrible! What a waste of time.

I love being on vacation. ;-)

8 thoughts on “Do NOT go here X

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I swear these people devote hours upon hours trying to come up with the most ridiculous sounding, tragically hip, idiotic, s/he’s-gonna-really-resent-you-someday-for-this monikers they possibly can. Completely selfish!

  1. BoomR

    NOOOOoooooooooo!!! Why do I always fall for your taunting??!!!

    OK – Billy Joel is only 5’5″???? Shut the front door!

  2. Suzanne

    Billy Joel 5’5″? That’s tall for some people! haaaa

    FINK enjoy yer vacation, stop feeling guilty because you finally have some time to look at silly stuff. :)

    I myself geek out at Perez Hilton’s page. Dorkiness but sometimes good for a laugh.


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