Need a break?

Take one from Facebook and all other social media for the day. Because there’s a lot of useless hatred there lately.

I don’t have time this morning to delineate the reasons why I abhor the idea of denying rights to those who commit their so-called “vices” <note sarcasm> publicly, while freely and unreservedly granting them to those who might keep their sins (gossip, lust, envy, adultery, greed, pride, hatred) more private.

I don’t have time to discuss my aversion to the cherry-picking nature of some believers (and make no mistake, I am a believer) who are so caught up in the religious version of Manifest Destiny that they are blind to all forms of divergent consideration or rational discourse. Despite the 50+ translations of the scriptures, and centuries upon centuries of disagreement on its specific meaning on many subjects, and dozens of splinter Christian denominations that interpret the bible differently (while all claiming to be right), the bible is clear on everything, and the version on your night stand is the right one.

Not in my neighborhood.

I don’t have time to address anything more this morning, so I won’t, other than to say the Law here is my law, and I like it that way. There is peace here because this ain’t Usenet or Facebook. And that’s the way it stays.

This believer says “equal marriage rights for all.” End of story.

4 thoughts on “Need a break?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hahaha…I was a big mess of flyin fingers this morning, Mavis! Truthfully…the gay community is made up of taxpayers. They’re Americans, just like us. This should be a civil matter, quickly cleared up. Instead, it’s just fueling more hate.


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