Don’t you hate it when…

1. you *could* actually go back to bed and sleep, but you can’t? The obligatory post-show head cold has arrived, and I’m slogging through coffee I don’t want to try to wake up from the NyQuil hangover I definitely don’t need.

2. you type out an entire post, and WordPress gives you an error and everything goes away without being saved? Oy.

It’s OK, though. It’s all little stuff. I was fortunate to have a long weekend following a good show, which was great, thanks to the weird spring snowstorm. I do remember being stranded in the house due to heavy snowfall as late as the 4th of April. I can’t remember what year that happened, but it was on the 4th. Yesterday, it was strange seeing the Thriller do this kind of yard work, but it was a nice day otherwise. Got a little work done, and a lot of relaxing.

Now it’s back to the old grind: the push to spring concerts and graduation. Can’t believe we’re down to fewer than 50 days of school left. This year has gone by pretty fast.

Kind of like this morning, thanks to WordPress barfing everywhere. Now we’re late for the shower and we doesn’t like it. I hope you had a great weekend; now it’s back in the old routine, yeah man…


One thought on “Don’t you hate it when…

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