Finkday fun II

What a week, eh? Looking at my previous four posts, you’d think I was stuck in a rut, disillusioned, sad and unmotivated. Oh, wait…

But I’m better now, and today is a good day, despite it being a teacher inservice at a school 45 minutes away, where I get to “brainstorm” in meetings with other directors, almost all of whom are about half my age. Yippity. OK, I said today is a good day, right? Right.

I’m going to try like heck to squeeze in a visit with Jake and Justin today/tonight. I hope I can work that out in between school and the Homecoming game. Maybe I’ll be able to take Mavis out for coffee or something tonight if she’s not busy. Then it’s the big day in Detroit when I get to see Suzanne and her handsome Harold. Yaaaaay! How long’s it been, Suze? Fourteen years?

I hope you have something fun planned this weekend, my fiends. If so, share.

Bando — when’s Seany’s birthday party?

Fink, to the showers, the road, and that other school out there in the middle of nowhere

11 thoughts on “Finkday fun II

  1. Bando

    Seany’s 5th birthday bash is tomorrow at noon. We’ll see how ramped up he is by then. I got to sit in inservice with our entire district staff on Monday, where absolutely nothing applied to me. Like, more so than that one where we did test item analysis in the good ole days of 2004. Greusome.

    Hey – if you ever need coins removed from your computer – I’m your gal. :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Well you have fun, ya heer? Oh, and I am completely lame for not giving you YOUR birthday present from last month…what an ultramaroon. I’ll give it to you at orchestra rehearsal!

  2. Suzanne

    Hey YAY YIPPEE! Uhmmmmm we came to visit you when we went to MI to my brother’s wedding and that was…. 8 years ago?

    I/we finally got mom’s phone working so I will give you a call when we get to the parking garage Sunday.


  3. BoomR

    “Enquiring minds want to know…” – will there be any Greektown gambling fun while in the Motor City?

    Did music at the Chamberlain’s Fishmarket Grill cooking demo/wine tasting dinner last night. Tonight is my usual shift at the Steak House (you remember that place, right? :-) )

    Right now, you’re probably still en-route to Detroit or maybe already there…?? Hope you have a safe trip, LOTS of fun seeing long-time friends, and of course winning some extra scratch!


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Of course! We are en route right now (Netbook + PDANet = true love) and definitely plan on a little gambly gambly this afternoon and evening!

      I most certainly do remember unforgettable Chamberlain’s. The only thing better than the dinner we had there would be sitting in with you on your gig next time. :-)


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